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Jackson Nearta Martial is the main character in the Wooden Swordsman (Theme). He is the one who shall save Aura from the destruction of the Ancient King of Elves.

Story Edit

At a young age as a peasant boy Jackson loved Knights, Ladies, Horses and Dragon. He chose his room which was where all the King's Men would come out and ride their horses into battle. He saw the King's Men fight Orges, Cyclopes and Beasts of all sorts. At his school he was always the odd man out. He used to play with Sticks and pretending it to be a sword.

When his father was selected to be a Knight Jackson nearly jumped to the sun. When there was a mission that a deadly Minotaur was coming to his town the King's Men went to War. His father died in the battle.

He was later on too serious that he always thought that everyone hated him. He was later to be chosen to be one of the King's top Knights. He gave up and said he didn't want to die the way his father did.

Variations Edit

Swordsman with Wood