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Jake the Dog, age 28 dog years, is one of the main protagonists of Adventure Time, the other being his adoptive brother/best friend/roommate Finn. Jake is also the dad to five 1/2 Dog 1/2 Rainicorn pups (named Charlie (girl), T.V. (boy), Viola (girl), Kim Kil Whan (boy), and Jake jr. (girl)), with his girlfriend Lady Rainicorn being the mom.


  • Bilingual: Jake can speak both English and Korean, handy since his girlfriend only speaks Korean (Though she can understand English, she can't speak it).
  • Shapeshifting: Jake can stretch any part of his body at will. This gives him limited shapeshifting powers. Using this, Jake can grow to incredible Heights and shrink.
  • Skilled Rapper: Jake is a master rapper.