Cool guy
Lego Agent J
  • Neuralyzer
  • Noisy Cricket



Ghost rider224

"Difference between you and me? I make this look good."
―J comparing himself to K

James Darrell "Slick" Edwards III, aka Agent J, is a minifig. He's a rookie MiB agent and partner to Agent K. While Kay is near emotionless, and always deadly serious, Jay is more social, friendly, and impulsive. Jay provided the labels for the other minifigs from the MiB theme.


  • Jay used to call the Neuralyzer the "Flashy Thingy."
  • Jay's signature weapon is the Noisy Cricket.
    • Humorously, when J uses the Noisy Cricket, he's sent flying backwards from the feedback.
  • Jay isn't allowed to drive Kay's LTD, mostly because every time Jay drives, he crashes into something.

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