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"Is that all you got hun!"
Constantine shouts at Bane (Ultimate) in LEGO Justice League: The Video Game

Johnathan Constantine is a Detective who can switch to Hell and Earth. He is also the main character for the Theme, Constantine: All Hell Breaks Loose.

Description Edit

Sand Yellow Detective Edit

He has Sand Yellow Arms, Legs, Hair, Hips and Torso. His Hands and Head are Skin Colour. His Faces are a Cheeky Smirk and a Angry Expression. The Printing on his Torso to Legs are a Trench Coat but also has a Sweater on underneath the Trench Coat and has a Belt Printing on his Hips. The Back Printing has a sort of skrunched up jacket look.

Tattered Edit

Same as Sand Yellow Detective but all Tattered. He has a Dirty Angry Expression and a Dirty Beaten Expression.


Looks exactly like the Hazmat Guy's but in Orange instead of Yellow. His Expression's are a Sweating Expression and a Suprized Expression.

Background Edit

John Constantine was a Young Boy when he died and met Hell he was dead for around 2 days and returned from death and then became a Detective. He has the abilities to take himself and others to Hell to solve problems. When Demons posses Human Beings he'll be there in a spot to free the person.

Video Game Appearance Edit

In LEGO Justice League: The Video Game Edit

He looks Exactly the same as his Normal Version in the LEGO Justice League: The Video Game. His powers are: Shoot Bullets at Targets, Go through special Dimention's and Go through objects.

Gallery of Variations Edit

John Constantine (Normal)
Sand Yellow Detective/NormalBrown DetectiveTatteredHAZMAT

Appearances Edit

Sets Edit

Entering the Wastelands

Trigon Summoned


Video Game Appearances Edit

LEGO Justice League: The Video Game

Ultrabuild Edit


Notes Edit

  • He is the only Constantine: All Hell Breaks Loose Minifigure that has Four Variations.
  • He will have more Variations in Summer 2014.
  • He appears in every single set except the single minifigure ones.

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