Joker's Laughing Train and the Batcopter



Batman (Black), The Joker, Harley Quinn, Joker Henchman (Gas Mask)


Custom:Super Heroes (Customs)




The Joker with his gang, Harley Quinn and a henchman, have robbed a train and remade it into a laughing train! Joker is planning to shoot laughing gas across Gotham City! Batman swoops in driving his Batcopter. Will Batman stop Joker's evil plot of terror? You decide! Includes Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Henchman minifigures. 360 pieces. $59.99

Minifigures Included

Features and Notes

  • NOTE: Batman's cape is not in the picture, but shown in the piece count.
  • Shoot the flick-fire missiles from the Batcopter!
  • Shoot the flick-fire missiles from the Laughter Tank!
  • The green smoke in the front of the train is laughing gas. Harley and Joker are immune to the gas. The henchman has a gas mask.
  • The front of the train has a red clown nose! Idea suggested by Br1ck animat0r

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