King Kahuka

Junior Leutinent Vetronex was a jr. leutinent of the blacktron fleet, he was considered crazy for saying things like "The Voices In My Head Are My Leaders" as if every thought and choice he had came from the "Voices" in his head. Vetronex was also one of the recruitment officers of the Blacktron Fleet, Vetronex was finally put in jail after helping Dandy Longlegs get his hands on High Tech Blacktron equipment, after the attack on wikia, vetronex escaped with his uniform and was considered a monster when attacking wikia. Vetronex then lived at Zotax and Alpha Draconis had him a Senior Leutinent of the Insectoid/UFO army, Zotax died by execution in the court of the Alien Pilots.


Vetronex has grey skin, blank orange eyes, and a Blacktron Uniform.

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