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"(Our town is bigger. Dang it. Right down to the little granite."

Kenneth "Kenny McKormick is a character from South Park, best known for his many deaths and revivals.


Kenny met his best friends, Kyle and Stan, when he was in pre-school. He also hung out with a total jerk named Eric Cartman, although nobody knows why. One day, Kenny stood too close to a firecracker, and got blown up, resulting in his first death (and the first time Stan and Kyle said, "Oh my gosh. They killed Kenny!" and "You jerks!"). The next day however, Kenny woke up in his bed wearing his same old clothes. This started Kenny's miserable cycle of dying on pretty much a weekly basis.


Kenny is often portrayed as the hero of the group; indeed, many of his deaths have been acts of heroic self-sacrifice, very honorable on his part. Among others, he fixed the South Park Hospital backup generator by using himself to connect two wires (resulting in his death by electrocution).


Kenny normally appears blank-faced as a result of his parka hood, but he does get visibly emotional from time to time. In "Poor and Stupid" Kenny got mad enough at Cartman, who had been ruining NASCAR's reputation, to try and kill him with a sniper rifle. In "Coon vs. Coon & Friends" he comes very close to hitting Kyle when he says that not being able to die would be pretty cool (Kenny actually thinks it "flipping hurts"), then again later when Cartman fails to grasp the concept of being a hero. In "The Death of Eric Cartman", Kenny breaks down crying (similarly to how Clyde sometimes does) after Cartman eats all the skin out of a KFC bucket meal - afterwards, he joined Stan and Kyle, and eventually the whole of the 4th grade class, in ignoring Cartman - even though Cartman tried to redeem himself, their friendship never fully recovered.


Kenny was extremely cautious during the first 5 seasons, as his cycle of dying had been in effect since he was born. Kenny was so afraid of dying, he flat out refused to board a plane to Canada, even though he promised Kyle he'd help him get his stepbrother, Ike, back for fear the plane would crash and he'd die (Kenny's prediction would later prove to be right, the plane did crash, but he managed to survive. Ironically, Kenny was instead killed by the new Canadian prime Minister)

In later seasons, Kenny has become apathetic towards his frequent deaths. After dying so many times, he sees death as nothing more than an inconvenience - an excrutiatingly painful one, but still really annoying. His apathy even grew to the point where, rather than walk home from Cartman's house at the end of "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", he shoots himself in the head so that he will appear there instantly.

Death Hall of Fame

Catagory Episode Description of Death
Least Painful Scott Tenorman Must Die Kenny dies from a massive laugh attack.
Most Random The Poor Kid Just as the school children praise Kenny for his accomplishments (and Cartman sings with glee about how he is no longer the poorest kid in the school), a gigantic "reptilian" bird breaks through the ceiling and tosses Kenny around with its' mouth, right before he eats him whole, and flies away.
Most Boring I Never Should Have Gone Ziplining Kenny survives the boring zipline tour and annoying tourists. He survives the horse ride where the horses are only allowed to go 5 miles an hour. When the boys get to the boat ride, Kenny's adrenaline levels bottom out, and he falls asleep, but even his dreams are boring. His boredom levels skyrocket, causing Kenny to have a heart attack, an event documented on "I should Have Never Gotten on a Boat."

Kyle (wakes up after his boredom levels make him fall asleep): "Kenny? KENNY!"
Narrator: "Kenny McKormick has died of Boredom."

Most Explosive Wrestling Takedown Federation Mr. Connors, armed with a rocket launcher, tries to assassinate McMahon, the man responsible for the rise of professional wrestling, and the subsequent fall of traditional wrestling, but the rocket doesn't arm itself. Kenny, AKA El Pollo Loco (Spanish for "The Crazy Chicken") picks it up out of curiousity, and, predictably, the rocket ignites, sending itself (and Kenny) into the sky where it explodes.

Fan 1:"O dios mio, mataron El Pollo Loco!" (Spanish for "Oh my gosh! They killed The Crazy Chicken!"
Fan 2:"Le idiotas!" (Spanish for "You Jerks!")

Biggest break Best Freinds Forever Kenny is run over by a truck, and he is made the general of Heaven's army due to his strategic genius.
Most anticlimactic Cartman joins (blank) Kenny learns his parents are expecting a new baby, and suffers from a nightmare in which the baby kills the doctor, nurse, and Kenny himself as soon as it's born.

Kenny's Dad: "Oh my gosh, it killed Kenny!"
Kenny's Mom: "Bad Baby!"
After several failed abortion attemps, most of which hurt his Dad instead, Kenny is run over by an ambulance. Later on, Mrs. McKormick's new baby looks exactly like Kenny, and the McKormicks decide to name him Kenny after his dead brother.
Kenny's Dad:"This must be like the 50th time this has happened."
Kenny's Mom:"52nd"

Most Fatal Episode Coon 2:Mysterion Rises Kenny, as Mysterion, gets stabbed by cultists. Later, Kenny wakes up in his bed, completely unharmed, as usual.
Kenny, again as Mysterion, shoots himself in the head in a futile attempt to prove he can't die.
Kenny implales himself on a spike on purpose to escape Ry'lof.
By the end of the episode, Kenny has given up trying to convince his friends he can't die, and shoots himself in the head so he'll appear home instantaniously.
Most Close Calls Chickenlover Kenny is crushed by a car, but manages to survive with only a small bruise due to a conveiniant sunroof.

Stan: "Holy Cow! They killed ... (Kenny gets out of the car) Oh, nevermind."

Kenny is thrown into a wall, during a freak swing accident.

Stan: "Holy Cow! They killed ... (Kenny gets up) Oh, nevermind."

Kenny is Almost shot by a stray bullet fired by the "Chickenlover."

Stan:"Holy Cow! They Killed (Sees Kenny is ok) Dangit."

Kenny dies in a mid-credits-scene where he is crushed by a tree. Stan and Kyl don't say their lines this time.
Most Noble Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Kenny accidentally sets himself on fire after Cartman bets him 100$ he couldn't light a fart on fire. He survives thanks to some doctors, but dies immediatly after waking up due to those same doctors accidentally replacing his heart with a baked potato. Kenny is actually denied access to heaven this time, and instead ends up in the underworld, which actually isn't as bad as it sounds. Kenny hears that Damien (the physical embodyment of all evil) is planning to take over Earth when Terrance and Phillip are killed. He manages to manifest as a ghost, and warns Cartman, but fails to prevent Damien from invading Earth. Kenny uses the Underworld/Earth Portal to return, and manages to get a wish for anything he wants. Instead of using it to bring himself back to life (probably because he knows he'll eventually come back anyway), Kenny wishes everything back to the way it was before the American-Canadian War, even though it would mean dooming himself to eternal torment. He stops to say goodbye to Stan, Kyle, and Cartman (revealing his real voice and face in the process) and fades away. However, instead of returning to the underworld, Kenny bursts out of the ground in the form of a comet, sprouts wings and a halo, and accends to heaven.

Most Ridiculed Cartman's Mom is a (blank) Kenny is pulled at astounding speeds by an out-of-control gocart, and stops miraculously unhurt on some train tracks, where he is run over by a train. Later, it's revealed someone video taped Kenny dying, and submitted it to America's funniest videos. Stan:"OH MY GOSH! THEY VIDEO TAPED KENNY'S DEATH!" Kyle: "YOU JERKS!
Most intense Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods Head explodes due to the intensity of a planetarium laser demonstration when Stan and Kyle examine the control booth. Stan: "Oh my gosh! We killed Kenny!" Kyle: "We're jerks!"


  • Kenny is never bleeped out, mostly due to the fact that his words are usually muffled by his parka, making it hard to know what he's actually saying anyway.
  • The only time Kenny's friends actually cared he was dying was in Kenny Dies.
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