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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

King's Lodge is a custom Kingdoms: The Continuing Story model made by Agent Charge. The set includes a hunting lodge with several pieces of furniture inside and 7 minifigures: The Lion King, Lord Farlon, two Lion Soldiers (two different variants), a Ranger, a Hunter, and the Lodge Caretaker.

Description Edit


The lodge when it is open fully

Exterior Design

The main feature of the King's Lodge is way it can split open in the middle. This is enable by some 'flip' pieces in the chimney and the base of the model. The lodge has a door at the front with a overhand decorated with two golden trophies. At either side of the door are two sets of golden windows. At the back of the lodge are five sets of windows. The roof is sloped and has white bricks on it depicting snow.


The writing table and a bucket by the door

Front Room

At the front room of the lodge on the first level is a weapons section with a crossbow holder, a weapons stand, a writing table, and a treasure chest with gold and silver stud 'coins' inside. At one side there is half the fireplace and chimney

King's Bedroom

The King's bedroom is a second level at the front of the building. Inside is the King's bed, which has not been made yet as he has just arrived. There is also a rail along the side using golden telescopes and flat light stone grey bricks.


The Mess Hall

Mess Hall

At the back section of the interior of the lodge is a mess hall. This has a table with four chairs around it. On of the chairs–the King's chair- is different from the rest. Opposite the table is a staircase leading to the King's bedroom and a barrel unter the staircase. There is also another barrel by the fireplace, of which there is the second half in the room.

Background Edit

The King's Lodge is the Lion King's personal lodge for himself and his special nobles and knights in the Celetian Woods. In some times when he is faced with a great problem, he goes to the lodge to clear his mind and think about it. It was when he was here that the Dragon Lord and his army of Dragon Knights attacked the Lion Kingdom.

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