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Kirby is a pink creature living in Dream Land on the planet Popstar, and the main protagonist of the Kirby video game series. While Kirby doesn't look like much, he's actually pretty powerful. Kirby has powerful lungs, allowing him to inhale many enemies or attacks. After inhaling an attack or enemy, Kirby can gain a copy ability, each accompanied by a different hat. When Kirby inhales a really powerful opponent on really powerful attack, he gains a super ability.


Kirby is an all-around cheerful guy, and his harmless appearance makes enemies often underestimate him. However, Kirby is a hero to his core. Over the years Kirby has found Rivals in King Dedede the self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land, and Meta-Knight, a powerful warrior who sees Kirby as a powerful ally. Though Dedede has a frenemy relationship with Kirby, he enjoys their rivalry.