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Kyhthria Phellan is a LEGO Minifigure presented in 2012. She is a part of the Life's A Fish And Then You Fry theme and the secondary character in the theme's movie Who Betrayed Who?.

Background Edit

Kyhthria met Chakor Channing when they where kid's but due to an unfortunate mis-interputation of things Chakor and Khthria became mortal enemies. In the Movie Who Betrayed Who? she claims that her and Chakor became enemies because Chakor betrayed her, but Chakor claims that it was the other way around. So while she is visiting Chakor's home town Chakor casted a spell upon her and turned her into a Werewolf and making her forget that Chakor is her ememie.

Rise of the E.F.O.W Edit

Kythria objected to the E.F.O.W from being opened by Chakor Channing. She most often tried to crash E.F.O.W meetings, but Chakor's new friend Kamalia Phellan was always there to chase her of, until Kythria finally bit Kamalia turning her back into a human enabling Kyhthria to kill her. After that she tried to kill Chakor, but Chanderandith Channing arrived in a helicopter and Chakor escapes.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Mrs. K.H.
Mrs. K.H. (Werewolf)