LEGO At War: Generation 1
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Pirates (Faction) Imperial Soldiers Pirates


This is the beginning of LEGO At War, as this is based off of 2 pirates looking for a magical relic known as the Soul Sword, while being chased by 2 dreaded captains, The Bone Captain and Captain X.

First Wave Of Sets

Sets are in the making right now! heres what i plan...

  • The Gravedigger's Revenge
  • Floatin' Aboad
  • Pirate Scout
  • Captain X's Ship
  • The Bone Bag
  • The Cave Of The Soul Sword
  • The Final Battle

Please dont remove this theme, i'm almost done making the sets!

Protagonists and Antogonists

The Crew Of The Gravedigger's Revenge

The Crew Of The Dreaded X

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