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LEGO Batman and Iron Man: Dimensional Trouble
LEGO Theme:

DC Comics Marvel




Action, Adventure


Single Player/ Multi Player

  • Windows PC
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360

Description Edit

As an event on both universes happens at the same time, both Dc and Marvel's Universe shatteres and gets split up in different worlds, also leading to a combined universe. As Batman meets Iron Man, both heroes need to stop the evil whose after this, who has a mix of Dc's and Marvel's famous baddies in his position.

Play as Batman with his various power suits or play as Iron Man with a variety of Iron Man Suits. PLay also as other heroes or bad guys like Robin, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman or Thor (Jane Foster).

Go on an adventure to the multiple split-Earths like New York, Asgard, Atlantis or Krypton and find hidden secrets, do side-missions or complete the story level there.


Starter PackEdit

  • Batarang
  • Grapple
  • Athletics
  • Hit targets

Batman (Power Suit)

  • Launch rockets
  • Place bombs
  • Limited Flying-ability

Batman (Sensor Suit)

  • X-Ray Vision
  • Limited Invisibility
  • Super Sense (Find hidden objects)

Batman (Sonar Suit)

  • Sonar Gun
  • Break glass
  • Hit Targets
  • Grapple

Batman (Artic Suit)

  • Freeze Gun
  • Freeze enemies
  • Freeze water
  • Put out LEGO Fires

Batman (Electrity Suit)

  • Electricity Gun
  • Reactiate damaged pannels
  • Elektrocute enemies
  • Find Objects hidden in the dark
Iron Man (Mark 42)
  • Scan
  • Use of high-tech pannels
  • Flight
Mark 42

Iron Man (Mark 1)

  • Repairs broken objects
  • Immune for bullets
  • Shoots mini-rockets
Iron Man Mk1

Iron Man (Mark 25)

  • Dig objects up
  • Thrown giant brick of stone
  • Destroy cracked walls
Mark 25

Iron Man(Mark 17 - Heartbreaker)

  • Shoot lasers
  • Flight
  • Melt Golden Blocks
Mark 17

Superior Iron Man

  • Deflects bullets
  • Shoot giant beam
  • Use of multi-technology pannels


  • Super Strength
  • Full Immunity
  • Shoots rockets

Series 2Edit

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Series 3Edit

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Series 4Edit

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Series 5Edit

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Series 6Edit

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Series 7Edit

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Series 8Edit

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Series 9Edit

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Series 10Edit

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Series 11Edit

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Series 12Edit

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Comic Con ExclusiveEdit

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End 2017 seriesEdit

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Vehicles Edit

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Levels Edit

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Hub Worlds Edit

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Achievements Edit

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Notes Edit

The game will have at least 15 levels (starter packet) and 18 hub worlds (starter packet).