Armed Police is a custom LEGO city Police set about a group of rarely seen Police officers who specialise in preventing violent crimes.

Description Edit

The set contains one building and 3 minifigures; two armed Police officers and an armed suspect. A Detective has traced the criminal to a shooting on the other side of LEGO city and in order to safely arrest him, a squad of armed Police have been sent to search his house. The officers gain access to his house via Police explosives and find the suspect loading a revolver.

Background Edit

In LEGO City, ordinary Police officers do not bear arms and thus a special unit of Police officers does. Armed Police are not normally on patrol, but instead have to be caled out to deal with emergencies such as terror threats or to arrest potentially armed individuals. All armed Policemen either brandish a G36C or an MP5 as their main weapon and a Glock 17 or a P226.

Notes Edit

  • This is the only set where members of LEGO City bear firearms.

Written by lavertus (talk) 22:16, January 24, 2017 (UTC)