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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO City Free Roam
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LEGO Theme:

Custom:LEGOBennyBrick3's Customs/City



LEGO City Free Roam is a City Video Game that is not based on a plot, but instead you get to explore the massive world of LEGO City.


The areas in which you get to explore is the actual City part, the forest, underwater, the swamps, and there is a space port where you can fly a rocket ship into space. In these areas you collect 350 gold bricks, character tokens, and vehicle tokens.


Lego City Barry C
Blue full
  • Grappling Hook
  • Use detective scan
  • Use Criminal scan
  • Use audio scan
Chase McCain Grin
  • Chase McCain (Civilian)
Chase Civilian
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Use detective scan
  • Use Criminal scan
  • Use audio scan
Chase McCain Casual 2
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Jetpack
  • Teleport (Using Teleport Stations)
  • Laser Gun
  • Open space boxes
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Jackhammer (Break loose tiles or objects)
  • Do Coffee Breaks
  • Fix Electric Boxes
Chase McCain Construction worker
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Super chicken glide
  • Chicken Egg Gun
  • Watering Can (Irrigate plants)
Chase Farmer Icon
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Fire Extinguisher (Put out fires and fill pools)
  • Axe (Chop wood blocking doors)
  • Save cats
Chase McCain fireman
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Dynamite (Break silver LEGO objects)
  • Pick Axe (Break boulders)
Chase McCain Miners
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Crowbar (Open locked doors or hatches)
  • Crack open Safes
  • Colour Gun (Change colour of objects)
  • Destroy ATMs
Chase McCain Criminal
  • Chase Suit (Police)
  • Grapple Gun
Chase Purple Suit
Dougy Dungarees
250px-Cahan Chuang
Duke Huckleberry
  • Duke Huckleberry (No Hat)
Duke Huckleberry No Hat
Fisherman Undercover
Construction Site Boss
Construction Site Worker 1
Construction Site Worker 2
LEGOCity-Undercover Wii U Visuel 012
Forrest Blackwell
  • Forrest Blackwell (Tuxedo)
Forrest Blackwell Tuxedo
  • Forrest Blackwell (Casual)
Forrest Blackwell Casual
  • Forrest Blackwell (Space)
Forrest Blackwell Space
Cop 2
  • Frank Honey (Poolside)
Frank Poolside
Normal Criminal
Harry Cop
James Curry
Marion Dunby Donut
Vinnie Pappalardo 1
  • Vinnie Pappalardo (Clown)
Clown Vinnie
  • Vinnie Pappalardo (Tracksuit)
Vinnie Tracksuit
Mayor Gleeson
Mustache Crook
Sentinel Decker
Fire Chief
  • Super strength
  • Crowbar (Open locked doors or hatches)
  • Crack open Safes
  • Colour Gun (Change colour of objects)
  • Destroy ATMs
Rex Fury
  • Rex Fury (Shirt)
Rex Fury Shirt
  • Rex Fury (Space)
Rex Fury Space
Sherlock 2
Watson 2
Green Clown Driver
Doug 1
Blue Clown Getaway
Criminal Leader 1
Press Photographer
Old Prison Guard
Prison Warden
Unlock Prisoner
Clarence Fletcher
Butch Patterson
Security Guard Undercover
Ross Wilding
Karate Guy
Karate Master
Long Hair Cop
Rodney Baxter
Bucky Butler
Old Quiang
Unknown Red Robe Character
Moe De Luca
Tony One Time
  • Paulie Blindfolds
Paulie Blindfolds
  • Lucky Pete
Lucky Pete
  • Crayfish Twins
Crayfish Twins
  • Mikey Spoilers
Mikey Spoilers
Cop Detective 1
  • Clutch
Cop Detective 2
  • Blubs
Cop Detective 4
  • Brickett
Cop Detective 5
Female Cop Detective 1
  • Cacey
Female Cop Detective 2
Unknown Tan Suit Cop
  • Fort Meadows Diner Gas Station Guy
Fort Meadows Diner Gas Station Guy
  • Doorman
Hotel Bodyguard
  • Fu
Chan Member 2
Detective Undercover
  • Bea Heckerson

Bea Heckerson
Horace Cone
Officer Park
  • Pat Patterson
Pat Patterson
Quentin Spencer
Ranger Barber
  • Ranger Lewis
Ranger Lewis
Security Supervisor
Traffic Cop
  • Beefy Baker
Beefy Baker
  • Carlo Jerome
Carlo Jerome
  • Carlo Jerome (Cone Head)
Carlo Cone
  • Chao Hui
Chan Member 3
  • Eddie Jojo
Rex Fury Gang Member 3
  • Hai Chen
Chan Member 1
  • Hot Tub Harry
Hot Tub Harry
  • Hot Tub McCreedy
Hot Tub McCreedy
  • Maximilian Jarvik
Rex Fury Gang Member 5
  • Jimmy Grossman
Rex Fury Gang Member 4
  • Salvatore Calzone
Salvatore Calzone
Sentinel Channard
  • Shui Xue
Chan Shirtless Member
  • Spikey Don
Rex Fury Gang Member 2
  • Tim Welch
Tim Welch
  • Vitus Tinkleman

Rex Fury Gang Member 1
  • Barney Greenschist
Barney Greenschist
  • Ben Moseley
Ben Moseley
  • Bill Derby
Bill Derby
  • Mine Foreman
Mine Foreman
  • Otto Hornfels
Otto Hornfels
  • Todd Greywacke
Todd Greywacke
  • Brad Hoggle
Brad Hoggle
  • Buddy Weingartner
Buddy Weingartner
Charlotte Hannon
  • Forest Fireman
Forest Fireman
  • Jessie Weingartner

Jessie Weingartner
  • Oliver Duffy
Oliver Duffy
Ramon Lopez-Delgado
  • Ryan Mclaughlin
Ryan Mclaughlin
  • Ben Sharples
Ben Sharples
  • Brantford Cubbery
Brantford Cubbery
  • Bud Hawkins
Bud Hawkins
  • Cal Wainwright
Cal Wainwright
Classic Alien
  • Drew Calhoun

Drew Calhoun
  • Dutch Danish
Dutch Danish
Henrik Kowalski
  • Jenny Rathbone
Jenny Rathbone
  • Jonlan Regnix
Jonlan Regnix
  • Space Alien
Space Alien
  • Spaceman
Spaceman Undercover
  • Space Scientist

Space Scientist
Space Villain
  • Farmer Bales
Farmer Bales
  • Farm Worker Bill
Farm Worker Bill
  • Farm Worker Bob
Farm Worker Bob
  • Patty Hayes
Patty Hayes
  • Rooster
  • Squirrel McTavish
Squirrel McTavish
  • Troublemaker Phil
Troublemaker Phil
  • Troublemaker Tim
Troublemaker Tim
  • Troublemaker Tom
Troublemaker Tom
  • Luke Cashmore
Luke Cashmore
  • Bobby Hammer

Bobby Hammer
  • Docks Crane Driver

Docks Crane Driver
  • Docks Foreman
Docks Foreman
  • Garage Worker
Garage Worker
  • Harbor Worker
Harbor Worker
  • Lance Linberger
Lance Linberger
  • Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker
  • Miles Rebar
Miles Rebar
  • Patrick Wenham
Patrick Wenham
  • Tow Truck Driver
Tow Truck Driver
Race car driver
  • Bryony Muska
Bryony Muska
Baseball Player
Circus Clown
Deep Sea Diver
Demolition Dummy
Disco Dude
Forestman Undercover
Gorrila Suit Guy Undercover
Hula Dancer
Maraca Man
Ninja Undercover
Pilot Undercover
Pop Star
Robot Undercover
Samurai Warrior
Skater Undercover
Spartan Warrior
Sumo Wrestler
Super Wrestler
Surfer Undercover
Tennis Player
Tribal Chief
Tribal Hunter
Vampire Undercover
Weight Lifter
Zombie Undercover
Artist Undercover
Boxer Undercover
Cave Woman
Clockwork Robot
Crazy Scientist Undercover
Fitness Instructor
Gladiator Undercover
Hazmat Guy
Highland Battler
Hockey Player
Ice Fisherman
Ice Skater
Intergalactic Girl
Lizard Man Undercover
Lumberjack Undercover
Minotaur Undercover
The Monster
Punk Rocker
Roman Soldier
Royal Guard Undercover
Sailor Undercover
Skater Girl
Snowboarder Guy
Soccer Player
Street Skater
Surfer Girl
Viking Undercover
Werewolf Undercover
  • Air Host
Air Host
  • Air Hostess
Air Hostess
  • Airline Attendant 1
Airline Attendant 1
  • Airline Attendant 2
Airline Attendant 2
  • Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot
  • Anchor Man
Anchor Man
  • Bank Manager
Bank Manager
  • Bus Driver
Bus Driver
  • Chat Show Host
Chat Show Host
Chef Undercover
  • Cleaner
  • Coastguard
  • Doctor Jones
Doctor Jones
  • Doctor Smith
Doctor Smith
  • Garbage Man
Garbage Man
  • Gas Station Manager
Gas Station Manager
  • Janitor
  • Mail Man
Mail Man
  • News Reader
News Reader
  • Paparazzo
  • Paramedic
  • Pizza Delivery Boy
Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Radio DJ
Radio DJ
  • Submarine Captain
Submarine Captain
  • Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver
  • Train Driver Bill
Train Driver Bill
  • Train Driver Bob
Train Driver Bob
  • TV Reporter
TV Reporter
  • Waitress
  • Weather Girl
Weather Girl



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