LEGO Dautoville VI
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This theme is the continuation of Dautoville V and the last episode of Dautoville series.


Dautoville is a city of the LEGO World, near to Bricksburg and not far from other big city. This city knew a lot of problem. To begin with the return of Richard Louis then the arrived of Rigor Scap, a mutant who planned to transform all the city. Fortunately Bob and Sibast saved the city in time. One year later, Rigor Scap is judged but the Mafia managed by Eric le Karov delivers him and exchanges the blood of the 2 criminals : Rigor dies and Eric become a mutant called Mutant XX. Annah, the wife of Bob is transformed into mutant. Bob must unfortunately killed her for arresting Eric. Bob and Sibast arrests Eric during a race of motorcycle. Vince, the brother of Bob is too killed after he became a mutant.

One year later, the city was attacked by Aliens : the King Kor and his army.



Original characters

New characters


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