LEGO Dimensions: 2: The Dimensions Continue
LEGO Theme:

LEGO Dimensions


User:Trigger Happy the Gremlin


Action Adventure


PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS

Custom: LEGO Dimensions 2: The Dimensions Continue is a video game made by User:Trigger Happy the Gremlin.

Starter Pack

The starter pack includes Robert Jacob, Dipper Pines, and Robert Jacob (Terraria Version). It also contains a Pickaxe.

Wave One

Fun Packs

  • Robbie Jacob Fun Pack - Robin Jacob + Minecart
  • Alec Ulmulk Fun Pack - Alec + Drone
  • Barry Universe Fun Pack - Barry + Fire Striker

Team Packs

  • Metaworld Team Pack - Jon Ulmulk + Jockey Ulmulk + Teleporter + Dummy Shield
  • Finn Army Team Pack - Larry Revere + Herbert Storbert + Doughnut Car + Tank

Level Packs

  • Finn Army Level Pack - Davis Finley + Ink Jar + Time Machine

Story Packs

  • World War III Story Pack

Wave 2

Team Packs

  • Venture Team Pack - Pipipi + Metal Golem + Dead Slender + Exspouse

Level Packs

  • 9 Level Pack - 9 + Talisman + Cat Beast


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