Lego Dimensions 4.0. is a custom game made by JaJaLoo.


When another portal opens and takes Bomb, Theodore, and Darwin prisoner. Red, Alvin,and Gumball must embark on a quest.


The Angry Birds Movie

Alvin and the Chipmunks

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Muppets

Big Nate

Calvin and Hobbes

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Step Brothers

Talladega Nights:The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Captain Underpants


Planet of the Apes


Middle School:The Worst Years of my Life

Groundhog Day

The Lego Ninjago Movie


Wave 1

Starter Pack(Red,Alvin,Gumball,Slingshot)

Willy Wonka Level Pack(Willy Wonka,River Boat,Wonkavator)

The Muppets Level Pack(Kermit the Frog,Kermit's Car,80's Robot)

Calvin and Hobbes Team Pack(Calvin,Wagon,Hobbes,Cardboard Box)

Alvin and the Chipmunks Team Pack(Simon,X-247 car,Dave,Dave's car)

The Angry Birds Movie Fun Pack(Chuck,Piggy Motorcycle)

Storks Fun Pack(Junior,Cornerstore Plane)

Planet of the Apes Fun Pack(Caesar,Van)

Wave 2

Talladega Nights Level Pack(Ricky Bobby,Wonder Bread Car,Gas Pump)

Transformers Level Pack(Sam Witwicky,Optimus Prime,Bumblebee)

Big Nate Level Pack(Nate,The Wright Car,Comic page)

Middle School:The Worst Years of my Life Team Pack(Rafe,School Golf Cart,Leo,The Khatchadorian's car)

Captain Underpants Team Pack(George,Skateboard,Harold,Stinky Kong Mega-Suit)

Big Nate Team Pack(Teddy,Francis,School Bus,Ortiz car)

The Amazing World of Gumball Richard Fun Pack(Richard,Watterson car)

Calvin and Hobbes Fun Pack(Susie Derkins,Water Balloon Launcher)

Groundhog Day Fun Pack(Phil Connors,News Van)

Wave 3

The Lego Ninjago Movie Level Pack(Lloyd,Gold Dragon,Bus)

Step Brothers Team Pack(Brennan,Doback Boat,Dale,Derek's Land Rover)

Talladega Nights:The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Fun Pack(Cal,Old Spice 47 Car)