LEGO Dimensions Year 50
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LEGO Dimensions Year 50 is the 50th year of LEGO Dimensions. This custom is dead serious.


Look in the infobox. I'm not retyping it.


LEGO Dimensions is back for its 50th time! Batman is also back for the 50th time! Give us your money and buy everything! We even brought Sonic back because we know you'll buy it! Who can resist? Face it: LEGO is going to take over the world one brick at a time!!!

This year round we have the most exciting memorable characters as in the most minor characters. Also, collect every vehicle. Remember, you can ride anything!

Expansion Packs

Wave 1

  • Batman Fun Pack - Batman (BvS) + Batmobile (BvS)
  • Sonic Fun Pack - Sonic + Rideable Hedgehog (See link below)

  • Captain America Fun Pack - Captain America + Hydra Skull
  • Bith Fun Pack - Bith + Flying Drum Set
  • Jar Jar Binks Fun Pack - Jar Jar Binks + Stupidity
  • Jimmy Fallon Fun Pack - Jimmy Fallon + Poisonous Doo
  • Dobby Fun Pack - Dobby + DOBBY'S SOCK!

Wave 2

  • Boromir Fun Pack - Boromir + They Have a Cave Troll
  • Gollum Fun Pack - Gollum +

The rock and pool Is nice and cool, So juicy-sweet! Our only wish, To catch a fish, So juicy-sweet!

  • The Joker Fun Pack - The Joker + A Rideable Version of His Abusive Father
  • Jabba the Hut Fun Pack - Jabba + Pizza Hut Pepperoni
  • Neville Fun Pack - Neville (Potter Puppet Pals) + Exploding Birthday Cake

Wave 3

  • Obi-Wan Fun Pack - Obi-Wan + High Ground
  • Anakin Fun Pack - Anakin + Low Ground
  • Banana Guy Fun Pack - Banana Guy + The Bananamobile
  • Thanos + Throne
  • Frodo Fun Pack - Frodo + Rideable Samwise Gamgee
  • Superman Fun Pack - Superman + Underwear Over His Suit
  • Chris Pratt Fun Pack - Chris Pratt + $1,000,000,000

Wave 4

  • Fat Albert Fun Pack - Fat Albert + Blubber
  • Fin Fun Pack - Fin + Dead Shark
  • Kitten Fun Pack - Kitten + Ball of Yarn
  • Senator Finch Fun Pack - Senator Finch + Granny's Peach Tea
  • E.T. Fun Pack - E.T. + Flying Inspirational Bicycle

Adventure Worlds

DC Comics:

  • Batcave and Gotham again ;)

Star Wars:

  • Massive Cantina with endless non-stop cantina music playing!!!!


  • Ninjago (Common glitch)


  • Hills and Cliffs to run off of

Jurassic World:

  • Jimmy's Lab
  • Rockefeller Center

Harry Potter:

  • The Wizarding World...oooh! :D

The Donald Trump Theme:

  • Trump Tower

The Lord of the Rings:

  • The Interior of Smaug

Fat Albert:

  • Albert's Belly (Yes, it's big enough)


  • The swirlful Sharknado

The Kitten Summer Games:

  • The Kitten ARENA!!!


  • The MOOON


Wave 1

Name For the RecordAssassin WeaponsImpress Me With your AbilitiesImage a Stalker Took
The Caped Crusader
  • Batarang
  • Bat grapple
  • Batphone
  • Batplunger
  • Batwrench
  • Batbomb
  • Batpan
  • Bat-branded bat
  • Batknife
  • Batgun
  • Battazer
  • Batsword
  • Batgrenade
  • Batshark Repellant Spray
  • Batkatana
  • Batlightsaber
  • Batrocket launcher
  • Batpuft Marshmallows
  • Break glass LEGO by screaming MARTHA!!!!
  • Fly like a bat (Why not??)
  • Do anything BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!!!
  • Blow himself up because somedays you just can't get rid of a bomb
  • Toilet Seat/Ring
  • Super's not like he's a hedgehog or something
Human Torch With More Muscles
  • Shield
  • Activate HYDRA panels
  • Stop enemies from using language
Cantina Dude
  • Use the Force
    • Mind. Blown.
Nobody Likes This Character
  • Self destruct
    • Die
      • Never respawn
        • Hear cheering in the background
Jar Jar 9499
And Now...Here He Is... JIMMYYYYY FALLON!!!!
  • Nothing. Ouch
Jimmy Fallon
Dobby The House Slave
  • Literally everything with a snap of his finger
Bonus Character
BlackBear kindlephoto-25141122

Wave 2

Name For the RecordAssassin WeaponsImpress Me With your AbilitiesImage a Stalker Took
I Am Better Than You
  • The One Ring...He Wishes
  • One Cannot Simply Do Several Abilities In A LEGO game
  • Survive 3-4 arrows to the chest
Boromir died
  • My Precious
  • Talk to the other Gollum... wait no, there is only one Gollum... no there's not, stupid... I thought there's only one... Oh there's even more than two. I'm Gollum, your Gollum, we're all Gollum... Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  • Commit Suicide for a Ring
  • Beat Enemies by climbing ontop of them
  • Flirt with other characters
  • Complete Riddles
    • If failed to complete a riddle the player will be eaten
  • Be Burned by ropes
  • Be the sweetest, most adorable thing you've ever seen!
Gollum (game)
Wanna Know How I Got These Scars???
  • Knives because then you can kill the person slowly and really get to know them right before they die whereas guns will just kill someone instantly.
  • Put smiles on character's faces
  • Hang his head out of the window of a vehicle like a dog
  • Lick His Lips
  • Perform Magic Tricks
Non-Blurry Joker
Jabba the Hutt
  • Food
  • Eat endlessly
  • Strip characters and make them his slave
  • Drool
  • Bounce Around
Potter Puppet Pals Neville
  • Dance
  • Self Destruct (This Time this ability is accurate to the character from the show unlike Jar Jar)
  • Um....
Potter Puppet Pals Neville
Bonus Character #2
Buy-webkinz-beagle3 kindlephoto-35911559

Wave 3

Name For the RecordAssassin WeaponsImpress Me With your AbilitiesImage a Stalker Took
Old Man Ben
  • Untitled Generic Lightsaber
  • Claim the high ground
  • Claim characters as his brother
  • Cut characters legs off
    • Then pretend it never happened when talking to Luke
  • Sacrifice himself only to say "Use the Force"
Don't call me Ani!
  • The Most Important Lightsaber in the Galaxy
  • Ask characters if they are an angel
  • Fake Die
  • Hate sand
  • Creepily stare at Padme
    • Rub Padme
      • Kiss Padme
        • Choke Padme
9526 Anakin
Banana Guy
  • Bananas
  • Activate Banana panels
  • Charge Banana switches
  • Move Banana objects
  • Hit Banana targets
  • Use Banana Poles
  • Trip characters
LEGO Minifigures16
Mr. Frodo
  • Sting
  • Sting characters
  • Break glass LEGO by screaming GANDAAAAAALF!!!
  • Die
    • Be Healed
      • Die again
        • Be Healed again
          • Repeat
Lego frodo cirith ungol
Marvel Darkseid
  • Empty Gauntlet
  • Sit in his throne and watch as his servants fail
  • Get a close up on his face when he smiles
  • Do things himself dramatically
Must there be a Superman? (inaccurate 1978 version)
  • He don't need anything!
  • Stop characters from smoking
  • Repair the Wall of China with his eyes
  • Telekinesis with his finger
  • Mind Control
Chris Pratt
  • Cha-Ching!
  • Transform into Emmet
  • Transform into Owen Grady
  • Transform into Star-Lord
  • Transform into Indiana Jones
  • Transform into anybody important
Chris Pratt
Bonus Character #3
515bbMa7 JL kindlephoto-89701780

Wave 4

Name For the RecordAssassin WeaponsImpress Me With your AbilitiesImage a Stalker Took
  • Blubber
  • Stay warm in the winter
  • Be fat
Chainsaw Guy
  • Chainsaws
  • Murder mass amounts of sharks
Olympic Kitten Gamer
  • Meow
  • Extreme athleticism

I swear this image was already on the wiki.

Senator Finch of...pfft, Kentucky
  • Granny's Peach Tea
  • Wrestle a Pig
Extremely Tingly
  • Glowing Finger
  • Phone Home
  • Levitate Bicycles
Bonus Character #4
41jsyGDFhkL kindlephoto-17550040




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