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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO Fantasia
LEGO Theme:

Video Game, Fantasia






Single Player


PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

LEGO Fantasia is a custom LEGO Video Game and is the first game of the Fantasia theme. It was created by Shiva and it was his first project ever.

Gameplay Edit

This game is a simple RPG but with the elements of LEGO: player receives a quest and should clear it. In almost all quests player must build something in order to proceed further. But almost all side quests (e.g. factions quests) are unavailable until a player finishes a main quest.

Game has a huge open world with many various separated kingdoms, countries or other lands. Player can freely wander in these lands and receive quests there. In some areas player can even buy a house and live there. Also, if you are rich and creative enough, you'll have an opportunity to design your own house, castle, tower or even village and build it yourself.

Of course, almost any game has hostile characters within itself and LEGO Fantasia is no exception. During almost all quests and not only quests player will face different types of enemies: evil minifigures or monsters. They can be met as random encounters or as quest targets. Evil minifigures are often met during the quests and more often appear as enemy soldiers (see «Plot» below for details). Monsters then are often met as random encounters.

Character Creation Edit

At the beginning of the game player must create his own character: give him his appearance and attributes, then choose his class. Unfortunately, player can't choose a gender, age and race for his character, because a character must be young male human by default.

There are three types of classes: Combat, Magic and Stealth. Player can choose a class by type or create his own. Default classes are listed below.

Combat Classes Edit

  • Knight;
  • Monk;
  • Dragoon;
  • Archer;
  • Barbarian.

Magic Classes Edit

  • Mage;
  • Summoner;
  • Scholar;
  • Strategist;
  • Necromancer.

Stealth Classes Edit

  • Thief;
  • Assassin;
  • Ninja;
  • Hunter;
  • Nightblade.

Combat Edit

In combat character can use either physical or magical attacks. Also, during the combat or not, player can enter stealth mode, where they can sneak, and use Steal or Mug (steal and deal damage) commands. Sometimes, player can use dice to temporarily buff their character in the battle.

Plot Edit

Setting Edit

Game is set in a huge Fantasy world. There are nine provinces in this world: the Crown Kingdom, the Lion Kingdom, the Dragon Kingdom, the Reman Empire, Elvenia, Corag-Bert, the Falcon Kingdom, Torallha the Land of Vikings, the Seafarian Dominion, Oroc-Huss. Although the player's character and main characters of a main quest are humans, in the world of LEGO Fantasia there are six races which have their own province: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Goblins. Humans are inhabitants of the Crown, Lion, Dragon, Falcon Kingdoms, the Reman Empire,Torallha and the Seafarian Dominion; Elves live in Elvenia; Dwarves inhabit Corag-Bert; Orcs, Trolls and Goblins live together in Oroc-Huss. Also there are two more independent races: Vampires and Beastmasters (men who can turn themselves into werebeasts). These races are often met as monsters. Also there lived dark elves but later most of them disappeared. A few dark elves still live in this world and sometimes player can find them in a game.

Storyline Edit

All provinces lived a peaceful life until the war between the Dragon Kingdom and the Reman Empire began. It started suddenly and without any reasons. Trying to seek out the reasons, the King William II of the Lion Kingdom joined the war in order to stop both Hasha I of the Dragon Kingdom and the Emperor Leonidas. King Lars IV of the Crown Kingdom wants to join the war, but unfortunately his daughter, princess Sarah, is kidnapped by a strange necromancer, who looked like familiar to him. King is searching for a hero, who would rescue his daughter, but nobody is brave enough to deal with that necromancer. But one day one young man arrives at the castle of Lars IV…

That man is tasked to save the princess. He finds out where the necromancer is hiding and sets out on a journey. The king even gives that man a white horse Kornak as a gift. When a man arrives at the necromancer's hideout, they start a fight and after that necromancer escapes with a Teleport spell. He leaves a princess and a brave hero releases her from her cage and takes her to the castle.

Lars IV gives to this man a title of the Crown Hero and tells that Hero must marry the princess then. After that the king asks Hero to decide which side he'd like to help in the war. Hero and Kornak depart on a journey and on their way that necromancer appears again, but he does not want to fight. He explains why did he kidnap Sarah: she had a royal blood within her veins and that was important ingredient for a potion which could help him stop this war. He then offers a Crown Hero to join him and his Undead Army, so together they can stop this war.

Then Hero has 4 options to continue a main quest:

  • Join the Lion Army;
  • Join the Dragon Army;
  • Join the Reman Legion;
  • Join the Undead Army.

Endings Edit

There are four endings in the game: two good and two bad endings. Each ending depends on a chosen side by a player. Nethertheless, in every ending it is revealed that the Demon of War caused this war and then it is defeated by a Crown Hero, who then brings his horn and is promoted to a title of the Crown Champion.

Good Ending Edit

If the Lion Army is joined, a Crown Hero takes over some cities and forts of the Dragon Kingdom and the Reman Empire. Then the prince Leon of the Dragon Kingdom joins the Lion Army and tells a reason of the war. Then both Hero and Leon catch a necromancer who is revealed to be once the most famous wizard Mallock. Mallock opens a portal to Demon's realm and a Hero goes there and defeats the Demon.

Bad Ending A Edit

If the Dragon Army is joined, a Crown Hero strongly weakens the Empire and later assassinates the Emperor Leonidas. After that Hasha I decides to take over the Lion Kingdom too and asks Hero to retrieve a Demon's Horn. He opens a portal to a Demon's realm and Hero goes there and defeats the Demon. After that Hasha returns to his mind and realises what has he done.

Bad Ending B Edit

If the Reman Legion is joined, the ending will be the same as Bad Ending A, but from the side of the Reman Empire.

Best Ending Edit

If the Undead Army is joined, necromancer will reveal himself as once the most famous wizard Mallock, who disappeared long time ago. Mallock uses a magic spell on a Crown Hero, so any member of the warring sides (soldier, citizen, member of the royal family) killed by a Hero will become a soldier of Mallock. Then Hero is tasked to bring important ingredients for a Mallock's potion which will help to stop the war. After all ingredients are collected, Mallock asks to bring two more things: royal blood and a Demon's Horn. Hero kills either the Lion King (with his own permission) or the Dragon King or the Emperor and brings his blood. Then a Crown Hero travels to Demon's realm, defeats the Demon of War and brings his horn to Mallock.

After that Mallock revives every soldier and member of the royal blood killed by player during the main quest, releases his long lost love Malessia from a Demon's realm and finally stops the war. Later Mallock makes himself young and becomes a court wizard of the Crown Kingdom.

List of NPCs Edit

King Lars IV

The king of the Crown Kingdom. Lars IV sends Brave One to save his daughter Sarah from necromancer. After that he sends protagonist, now as a Crown Hero, to choose the side in the War.

Princess Sarah

Princess of the Crown Kingdom, who was kidnapped by necromancer. After she was rescued by a Crown Hero, Sarah fell in love with him and at the end was married with him, now as the Crown Champion.

Queen Olfina

Queen of the Crown Kingdom, mother to Princess Sarah and beloved wife to Lars IV. Olfina is known for her kind character and physical strength.

Lord Commander Richard

He's the main leader of the whole army of the Crown Kingdom and the best friend to royal family.

Golden Knight

Once he was the most famous wizard until the Demon Crisis. After that event, Mallock disappeared. Many years later he returned, but disguised himself as a necromancer. People think that he's a villain, but Mallock only wants to stop the War. Player can join his side if they will to do it.

King William II

The king of the Lion Kingdom and old friend of Lars IV. William wants to find out the real reasons of the War and stop it anyway. Earlier, he offered an alliance in the War to the Crown Kingdom, however Lars wanted to make the right decision and aid the right side.

Wizard King Hasha I

Hasha is the ruler of the Dragon Kingdom. Members of his court, even his family, secretly think that he went mad along with Leonidas, so that's why the War broke between their lands. His character seems rude, but in reality he's just mind-controlled.

The Emperor Leonidas

Powerful leader of the Reman Empire and the Lead General of his Imperial Legion. Since the day when the War broke, his personality changed a lot and people still can't recognize their emperor. However, in reality, he and Hasha are both mind-controlled.

Dark Knight Tremor

Tremor is one of the most trusty allies of Mallock and the leader of the Undead Army. He leads the army and, just like Mallock, wants to bring the end of the War. As one of the most trusty allies, Tremor knows the real reasons of the War.

Skeleton Warrior White Speckled Breastplate n Helmet small
Lord Ritter

The noble knight and the leader of an army of the Lion Kingdom. He is loyal to his king and kingdom and is very brave to protect it from the War. Ritter is also trainer to prince Dinas.

852921 Ritter2
Prince Leon

The only son of Hasha I, who leads the Dragon Army. Leon secretly thinks that his father went mad recently and wants to join the Lion Army in order to stop the War.

Legate Mateus

Though the Emperor Leonidas is the Lead General to the Imperial Legion, he needs help to lead the whole Legion. Mateus is his main helper, who leads the Legion and is loyal to the Empire. However, deep in his heart he wishes to join the Lion Army or just return his emperor to his mind.


Notes Edit

Achievements Edit

Brave One

Depart on a journey.

Crown Hero

Become a Crown Hero.

Choose your faction!

Join one of the sides of a war.

My first Fort

Successfully take the enemy's fort.

Finally free

Save a village from an enemy.

Seas are Ours!

Show your enemy how can you handle a ship.

Prison Break!

Save your allies from an enemy's prison.

We never saw each other…

Deliver a secret message to your spy.

What?! A Demon?!

Find out real reasons of a war.

I proudly proclaim you Crown Champion!

Become the Crown Champion.

Knight on his Horse

Win a Kingdoms Jousting Tournament.

The Greatest Gladiator

Become a Grand Champion of the Gladiator Arena.

Warriors come…

Become a leader of the Fighters' Guild.

Power of Magic!

Become the Archmage of the Highest Order.

The Darkest Shadow…

Clear a dark path to become a Ninja Master.

For the Dominion!

Help the Seafarian Dominion to capture pirates.

Aye, aye!

Be promoted to the rank of Admiral of the Seafarian Dominion.

Falcons and Scorpions

Resolve a problem with a revolution in the Falcon Kingdom.

Better than Basil

Become a member of the Night Court.

I am the Night!

Help or defeat Sinister.


Earn respect from the House of Cedrics.

House of Knights

Build your own family manor.

Lead the Way!

Be promoted to the rank of General of the Crown Kingdom.

Love Story…

Marry Sarah.

Dark Elf!

Find a dark elf.

Hail the Dragon Masters!

Become a Dragon Master.