Game Cover

The Cover.

The game starts off in the middle of space, where Sinestro and Hal Jordan are fighting. They are shooting Lasers at each other (much like at the end of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.) When Kilowog comes in and makes a fist construct, thus sending Sinestro flying. He tells Jordan that we need to get out of here. The first level begins as you fly around space, dodging yellow lanterns and 3 times, Sinestro grabs onto you, so you need to switch and get him off. After you have done this another cutscene will appear where Sinestro loses control of his powers and his ring detaches. You need to fly down and capture him. A guardian portal will open and Ganthet will appear, offering assist. The level ends and you receive Kilowog and Hal as characters for Free Play.

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