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LEGO Island Returns
[[File:Lego Island Returns logo|250px]]

Traveller's Tales


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Date Released:

2011 (Never Really came out though)




Single Player, two player simultaneous




Windows PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii

LEGO Island Returns is a reboot of the LEGO Island series. Unlike most LEGO games from Traveller's Tales, the gameplay is more like the real LEGO Island games.


The Brickster has turned LEGO Island into his own paradise by gaining a magical LEGO crown and everybody on LEGO Island has been taken away by Bricksterbots and Henchmen, and only Pepper Roni can save them all. Can he go through all the different LEGO Worlds to free his friends and defeat The Brickster?



A Traditional LEGO City with many places to visit and go. The City is attacked by The Brickster's Henchmen in order to keep hold of Mama & Papa after The Brickster finds out they landed there.

  • Enemies: Regular Crooks, Crowbar Crooks, Bike Crooks, Shield Crooks, Disguised Crooks
  • Boss: Brickster-Bot Powered Mech

Land of Ninjago

The Land of Ninjago is also attacked by the Brickster with Sky Lane kidnapped! Pepper Roni seeks the help of all the Ninjas to gain some new skills.

  • Enemies: Skeletons, Snakes,

Pirates Island

Fantasy Era


The Brickster's Island

LEGO Island, now taken over by an overpowered Brickster! Can Pepper Roni defeat him?

  • Enemies: Brickster's Henchman, Brickster-Bots
  • Boss: The Brickster (First Half), Island Destroyer (Final Boss)

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