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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO Just Dance



Video Game



LEGO Just Dance is a custom LEGO Video Game based on the hit dancing series Just Dance. It was created by Wertys under Wertys Productions


The game is a Party game. You play as your very own customizable minifigure, or as minifigures from the Minifigures (Theme). In Just Dance Mode, you just dance! You can play with up to 4 friends, or by yourself. You have to follow the moves on-screen to rack up points, studs, stars, and high-scores. You can compete for the highest score, or you can use your earned studs to buy new accessories for your LEGO Dancer via the in-game shop. Or, you can use your studs to get new songs. There are over 40 songs from a wide variety of eras and genres. LEGO Just Dance offers the insane work-out and fun of Just Dance with the classic, fun feel of LEGO.

PERFECT - This is the best rating you can get on a dance move. (50 studs)

GOOD - This is a good rating you can get on a dance move. (25 studs)

OK - This is a decent rating you can get on a dance move. (10 studs)

X - This is the worst rating you can get on a dance move. (0 studs)

Energetic - You performed the dance with energy to burn! (Worth 1,000 studs)

Creative - You danced your bricks off in a creative way! (Worth 1,000 studs)

Lazy - You danced a little sloppy, you're moves were off! (Worth 500 studs)

Perfection - You danced 90% of the moves PERFECT! (Worth 5,000 studs)

Great - You danced 90% of the moves GOOD or above! (Worth 2,500 studs)


The game features every Minifigure from Minifigures (Theme). Some you start with, others you unlock. There is also a Character Customizer to create your own LEGO Dancers

Starting Characters

From the start of the game, there are 18 Starting Characters.

Unlockable Characters

There are 111 unlockable characters you can buy with studs or earn by completing dances, competitions, or achievements.


  • The game features 40+ songs.
  • It is rated ESRB E10+ for Cartoon Violence, Lyrics, and Comic Mischief.
  • Minifigures from Minifigures (Theme) will star in the game, as seen on the game cover.
  • It costs $49.99 on all systems.
  • The game has more playable characters than any other LEGO Video Game.
  • The game has more character customizable possibilities than any other LEGO Video Game.


  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox Kinect
  • PlayStation Move

Facts about LEGO Just DanceRDF feed
CreatorWertys +
Img1RS1!.jpg, CM11.jpg and col066.jpg
Img10Col052.jpg, SS11.jpg and col085.jpg
Img11col074.jpg, SM11s1!.jpg and col094.jpg
Img12col087.jpg, Ws1.jpg and col081.jpg
Img13col086.jpg, TH1.jpg and col096.jpg
Img14col102.jpg, Z11.jpg and col082.jpg
Img15col107.jpg, SP!SPAR.jpg and col093.jpg
Img16col111.jpg, LG11.jpg and col084.jpg
Img2C11.jpg, CC1.jpg and col065.jpg
Img3PS1.jpg, CB(21).jpg and col070.jpg
Img4DD1!.jpg, DSD1.jpg and col072.jpg
Img5MIME!!.jpg, DD1.jpg and col068.jpg
Img6Mari!.jpg, FM1!.jpg and col067.jpg
Img7Hula1.jpg, RM1.jpg and col073.jpg
Img8Rapp.jpg, SCNs1!.jpg and col080.jpg
Img9Col050.jpg, Ns1!.jpg and col071.jpg
Txt1Robot, Caveman and Gladiator
Txt10Punk Rocker, Skater and Bandit
Txt11Fitness Instructor, Spaceman and Butcher
Txt12Clockwork Robot, Super Wrestler and Classic Alien
Txt13Flamenco Dancer, Tribal Hunter and Genie
Txt14Bagpipe Player, Zombie and Highland Battler
Txt15Hippie, Spartan Warrior and Intergalactic Girl
Txt16Rocker Girl, Lifeguard and Lady Liberty
Txt2Cheerleader, Circus Clown and Graduate
Txt3Pop Star, Cowboy and Lizard Man
Txt4Disco Dude, Deep Sea Diver and Lumberjack
Txt5Mime, Demolition Dummy and Ice Fisherman
Txt6Maraca Man, Forestman and Royal Guard
Txt7Hula Dancer, Magician and Small Clown
Txt8Rapper, Ninja and Snowboarder Guy
Txt9Kimono Girl, Nurse and Zookeeper

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