Plot _______ Brainiac has failed his plan and wants revenge. He calls General Zod and Black Manta to shoot a cookie that has some missiles to Earth, Oa, Odym, Zamaron and Nok. General Zod will do the lantern planets, while Black Manta will do Earth.

Level 1 - Swing Swing! Grapple Grapple! ________________________________________

Martian Manhunter locates General Zod as he hovers to space. Martian Manhunter calls the Justice League members. Batman and Robin as well as Superman because they saw Black Manta fighting Aquaman and he has a waterproof phone to contact General Zod with a cookie that is a bomb. Batman uses his grappling gun trying to get General Zod but instead caught Manta. Aquaman asks what's going on. Batman replies Manta is helping General Zod.

Level 2 - Oh No! _________________

Aquaman shoots water to the sky just for fun but it shoots General Zod down! Martian Manhunter contacts Batman if he saw General Zod falling. Batman replies that we did it. As the second he ended the call General Zod peeked up and Batman started the call again that they need the entire Justice League here even you. Once the league arrived, General Zod was struck down and transformed into a robot!

Level 3 - The Big Fight ________________________

Cyborg turns into his giant suit, Martian Manhunter turns into his true form and Superman gets stronger. As the team realize Manta was escaping they split up. Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Superman tackled General Zod while Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Flash and Hawkman chase Manta. The rest help with General Zod. As they hit General Zod the robot malfunctions and is destroyed! Batman uses his grappling gun and pulls Manta and makes him explain. He says Brainiac told them to do so.

Level 4 - You Menace! ______________________

Brainiac falls off his ship and runs away. Batman grapples him back. Batman punches Brainiac, Superman heats Brainiac, Flash distracts Brainiac and Wonder Woman uses the Lasso of Truth. With all their work they have once again successfully broke Brainiac's plan!

Final Cutscene ________________

Bizzaro in Bizzaro World saw the whole battle and says I have to team up with Brainface (Bizzaro's nickname for Brainiac)

Notes ______________________

When Batman tried to grapple General Zod it was as if he was grappling a building

The ending cutscene may refer there will be a sequel

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