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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO Macedon: The Video Game
LEGO Theme:







Story Mode, Free Play


PlayStation 3, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS

LEGO Macedon: The Video Game is a video game coming on September 27, 2017.

After each level, players can earn Extras by collecting a Power Brick. Characters such as Custom:Macedon, Custom:Corrin, Custom:Heath Psycho, Irina Ivanov, Custom:Fishy, and Cad released in the toy range as well as new characters that are not in the LEGO Macedon sets such as Warren Chief and Clay Chagrin are playable.

Macedon starts in his standard black and gray suit and can collect a Heat Protection Power Up, an Ultrasonic Power Up, a Glide Power Up, and a Demolitionist Power Up. Corrin can collect a Technology Power Up, a Water Power Up, an Attractive Power Up, and a Magnet Power Up. When you find those power ups, you may obtain them in the Power Up Swap, or play as them in free-play. Macedonia can wear the same suits as Macedon, and Chrome can wear the same suits as Corrin.

As in the previous LEGO games, once a player completes a level, that level is unlocked in "Free-play Mode". Free-play mode allows the player to replay any level they've completed with any characters they've unlocked, unlike Story Mode, which only allows players to switch between the characters involved in that scene. This permits access to areas containing extras the player was unable to get before.



Fifteen of Macedon's enemies escape from the mental hospital and divide into three teams led by Custom:Crowbars, Fishy, and Heath Psycho.

Crowbars' Revenge

Crowbars formulates a plan to rob the Los Angeles Gold Reserves and briefs his team on the items they will need to do so.

He and Clay Chagrin travel through a carriage house and then through the city to a bank, where they blow it up, killing all the guards, and Crowbars takes a huge key. Clay Chagrin, however, is enamored by the gold and remains. When the duo arrive, Clay Chagrin is defeated by melting him with water from a drainage pipe and Crowbars is chased by Macedon until the puddle that was Clay slips him and Dwight arrives in his van to rescue Crowbars. Unbeknownst to either of them, Macedon planted a homing device on the van.

Crowbars recruits Mr. Subzero to steal a freeze gun from Subzero's old ice cream factory, which they do so. While Crowbars wheels the gun away, Mr. Subzero frees the Subzero Whippersnappers from their frozen cases and uses them to torture the Duo when they arrive. Mr. Subzero and the Subzero Whippersnappers have their protective freezing systems cracked and are defeated, Dwight arrives to pick-up Crowbars again.

Macedon and Corrin chase Crowbars' van in the Macemobile and Macecycle, and the van is destroyed. The villains split-up, and Crowbars is cornered by the Los Angeles Police Department, but is rescued.

Crowbars and Sumac make their way to the Scientific Gardens where they steal alien ivy seeds, but Sumac remains as she is happy with all of the plants. She makes a stand against Macedon and Corrin, but is defeated like her predecessors.

Crowbars and Dwight break into Kennedy Technology and escape with their Gamma Ray.

Meanwhile, in Macedon's Grotto, Macedon, Corrin, and Sebastian solve Crowbars' riddles he had been leaving at each of the crime scenes and realize he iss going to rob the gold reserves.

Crowbars and Dwight freeze over the waterway to reach the isle the reserves are held on and use the beanstalk seeds to scale the cliff. When they aim the heat ray at the door, it reflected and destroyed the blaster. Using a police chopper, they gain entry and make their way to the vault with the huge key.

When they reach the Gold Reserves, the Duo already found it under siege. Entering through a window, they find Dwight had covered a floor in poisons to prevent their advancement. Corrin builds a bayou boat to cross using his attract suit, and they fight Dwight but he flees. In the golden vault, they defeat Dwight and Crowbars using the vault's defense directed energy weapon, but it was exploded and he attacked them himself and mind controls the whimpering Dwight until they both fell into a pile of gold bars and die.

Power-Crazed & Fishy

Fishy assembles his team for a meeting on an attack sub, which includes three of Macedon's strongest enemies-Don-Mace, Psychopath Crocoduck, and Cad- as well as himself and Ivanov. He introduces to them the Fish Henchmen and how they can use them to takeover Los Angeles, but they need a special antennae and the Angeles Crystal to power it. The villains place boxes over the city in areas such as Commissioner Triggers' office and at the Fisherman's pickup truck.

Cad and Fishy leave for the docks where they steal the antenna and place it on Fishy's sub. Penguin leaves Cad who is surrounded by cops and becomes enraged. He throws a Liaison Car into the air, and it lands on him, snapping his skull.

Fishy and Ivanov travel by rooftop and kill a squad of police before they enter the museum. They steal the Angeles Crystal, but Ivanov refuses to give it to Fishy. Before he convinces her, police arrived and they split-up and are separated.

While Macedon and Corrin chase Ivanov, Fishy and Psychopath Crocoduck escape through the docks on their water vehicles. Ivanov is cornered and threw the diamond off of the rooftop where her cat, Fantasy, below takes it. Ivanov is taken into custody under the Station House.

Shortly after, the Duo finds Crocoduck and Fishy trying to escape through the docs. They chase them in the Maceboat and on Corrin's Jet-ski until Fishy's attack sub is destroyed. Crocoduck and Fishy escape through the sewer, but are cornered. Crocoduck decapitates Corrin, and they escape. They make their way to the Station House through the sewage system to rescue Ivanov and Crocoduck convinces her to give the crystal to Fishy. As Ivanov and Fishy flee with the crystal, Crocoduck covers their flight as Macedon and Corrin arrive. Crocoduck is killed and drops a pamphlet for the City Menagerie, revealing where Fishy and Ivanov are headed.

When they realize the Duo had found where they were headed, Fishy and Ivanov flee to the Arctic World where they set up the antenna while Don-Mace slows the duo down. Don-Mace is strangled with his own wings by Macedon and Corrin, but not before the satellite is powered and the Fish Henchmen destroy the city. Making their way through the Arctic World, the duo fights the henchmen and the returned Subzero Whippersnappers. By rerouting the Fish Arsonists in the villains' base, they stop the satellite and the Fish Henchmen become immobile. Fishy, Ivanov, and the Subzero Whippersnappers attack, but are killed.

Psycho's Return

Psycho plans to spread nitrous oxide over Los Angeles from the Church, but also wants to cause mayhem for Macedon.

He sends Warren Chief to Top Notch Chemicals to retrieve acid while he and Quinn Creep set a trap for Commissioner Triggers. Warren Chief is killed by Macedon and Corrin, and Triggers is to smart to fall for a trap, so they kidnap Corrin instead

Psycho sends Macedon a transmission of what they are planning to do to Corrin if Macedon did not arrive to rescue him. Reaching Carnival Mile, Macedon and Triggers make their way to rescue Corrin where they also defeat Quinn Creep. Psych, however, escapes in his helicopter.

While the Duo chases his helicopter down, Gas Mask arrives in his Bi-plane and sends them tumbling to the ground. However, the bi-plane is shot down and crashes into Psycho's helicopter. Both villains are left for dead, but they escape with titanic balloons and crash through the Art Gallery. They escape, but Gas Mask is grabbed by a Police Officer in a crane and dropped to his demise. Psycho escapes by using his nitrous oxide on a police officer.

Mothman meets Psych outside, and together they make their way to the Church. However, an enraged Triggers orders three police vehicles to stop them. They destroy them all in the serial walker, and rescue Quinn Creep. Triggers comes with Macedon, and the trio quickly arrived in the Macewing Flyer. With the searchlight on, Mothman is attracted to the lightbulb and stays while Psycho and Creep make their way to the church. Mothman realizes the danger he is in and flees, but the trio chase him through the streets until he is cornered and left sleeping. When he came around, Corrin threatens him with bug-repellent and he tells them Psycho's plans before being shot with the repellent by Triggers.

At the Church, the Duo chase Creep to the top of the campanile where he and Psycho hide in titanic bells. Once they are found, Psycho summons his helicopter to kill Macedon and Corrin, but it was exploded. The platform Creep and Psycho are on collapse, and Creep falls to his death. During the fight with Psycho, the Prince of Serial Killing manages to win and uses his Greek Fire to defeat the Duo. He throws a bloody machete at the bells to disrupt the fruit bats' echolocation and they attack the villain. Corrin regains consciousness and Triggers arrives shortly thereafter to arrest him.

Macedon and Corrin scale the side of the psychiatric hospital, and spot Psycho commiting suicide by shooting himself in the head with a machine gun.. At the top, the Duo see the Mace-symbol shine, aim their grappling hooks, and move towards it.