Lady Doom his a custom character that appears in the custom game LEGO The Black War created by Rfas280HP.


Lady Doom is the wife of Blackheart and his most faithful follower. She is the Doom family, and so it has possession of Doom Sword, which can change shape when you want. Also, she is a powerful sorceress. She gave a life after death for those that one day we followed Blackheart, turning them into Wraith. Blackheart sent Lady Doom go to the theater, where there James Harvan dueled with it. After its failure, Blackheart took his sword, the Doom Sword, and destroyed, consuming all their power. And then parted from Lady Doom. After these events, she tried to enter the Noble Order of the Wizards for being of a noble family, but due to his actions, was not accepted. Once the powers given to it by Blackheart ceased, she decided to venture into the Northern Mountains.


Nobody knows how the Doom family became so powerful, but Lady Doom received a third of the power of Blackheart. Among them are the speed, the ability to control minds, and skills of destruction and change in appearance. Diminish their powers when she uses the Doom Sword, which has a power that only a God could have done.

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