Lavertus (WOS)

The War on Spam



Lavertus is a Brickipedian in Dragonknight86's custom theme The War on Spam.


Escaping the world of Chima, Lavertus made it to Brickipedia. Lavertus was badly battered from all the battles he fought, and he found his tactics and weapons from Chima useless here in Brickipedia. He eventually learned tactics from Awesomeknight1234 and he got a transfusion of blood from Dragonknight86, making him part human. When he finaly joined toamatus royal infirmiry it was because he saw that the army needed every man they could get to fight the huge spam alliances and he was good at controlably driving at high speeds making him good for driving emergency responce vehicals Into battlefeilds. During the battle of brickipedia city he led a team of paratroopers equipped with bomb desposal equiptment and tazers to capture as many spam soldiers as possible.

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