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Oracle contacted Black Canary to go on a mission for her. From then on the Birds of Prey was a team. The original recruit of Oracle's was actually Power Girl. The Birds of Prey spent the first part of their existence operating out of the Gotham Clock Tower, and for many missions the Bird were essentially just a partnership of Oracle and the Black Canary. After Black Canary was kidnapped by the villain Savant, Oracle contacted the Huntress for help, eventually taking her in as a permanent agent, and later adding Lady Blackhawk as well. Since then, the team has grown extensively, starting with Oracle incorporating a rotating team of agents after One Year Later for a period after Black Canary left to focus on other matters, before eventually settling down with a stable lineup. The team's headquarters has changed several times, starting with the Gotham Clock Tower where Oracle worked, and upon it's destruction going mobile on Aerie one, then moving to Metropolis, and then began operating out of Platinum Flats. The Birds of Prey disbanded, only to be re-formed once again with it's core line up of Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress,Zinda,Zatanna,Katana,Wonder Woman,Catwoman,Lady Blackhawk and Poison Ivy.