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Lego Dimensions 3: Through New Worlds!
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Lego Dimensions 3: Through New Worlds!, will of course, bring in more franchises into the Lego Universe.


Vortex has returned once again, and he is traveling through different worlds to recruit allies to help him! Batman, Gandalf, Wild Style, The 12th Doctor, Yoda and even more heroes must travel through the different worlds and stop him! Travel through new worlds like Kamen Rider! Mario! Namco! Capcom! Power Rangers/Super Sentai! and so much more!!! However, Vortex has defeated the Lord of Darkness, use the characters from new worlds and stop him! Remember! Your Imagination is Victorious!


Bruce Wayne was drinking his coffee, when he got a call from Alfred, who told him that there was some disturbences in Gotham. Bruce quickly suited up and saw a familiar face, Joker. But it wasnt the Joker, it was some sort of dark clone of him. However, next to him was a crippled Joker, who was bleeding. Batman is recluent at first to team up with him, but was forced to when the fake Joker tried to attack him. When the Dark Joker was defeated, a new item appeared, having the words "Decade" on it. Wondering what it is, they went to the Batcave to figure out what it was. However, when they got there, Batman had the Joker sent on his ways, because he didnt want him figuring out that he was Bruce Wayne. When Bruce sees it, the Batcomputer said that it wasnt from this dimension.

At Cloud Cuckoo Land, the Lego Movie characters are having a party, however a weird, loud noise was heard. Searching for what the noise was, they looked everywhere. While they were looking, the palace turned black. Looking outside, they saw 4 dark figures. They were evil versions of Wildstyle, Emmet, Unikitty, and President Business. The boss fight occurs, and Emmet gets taken by Vortex. Wild Style decides to head back to Gotham, but with Unikitty and Business staying behind to restore Cloud Cuckoo Land.

In Middle Earth, Gandalf and the others are eating food. However, two strange, dark creatures appear. They all get surprised, as one of the creatures was Smag. They thought they killed Smag already. However, the boss fight happens. Several characters were taken by Vortex, and Gandalf was pretty mad.

Yoda was having a talk with several Jedi members, when Darth Vader appeared. Everybody was surprised, since he died long ago. Everybody pulled out their weapons,and a boss fight occured. They weapon Darth Pulled out wasa corrupted, looking demonish, and had an eye on it. Vortex appeared and said that it was the power of Soul Edge that brought Anakin Skywalker back to life. However, Anakin was pure evil, attacking even his own son, daughter, and his friends. Han tried to shoot the Soul Edge lightsaber out of his hands, but it failed, and Han got captured. Leia tried to attack her father, but failed, resulting her to get captured. It was only Chewbacca, Luke, and Yoda left. The battle goes on for several minutes, but captures Chewbacca and Luke. Yoda finally defeats the Dark Anakin, but Vortex leaves with them, and sending Yoda to Gotham.

During the normal adventures of the 12th Doctor, he sees black colored Cybermen. Investigating, he sees Vortex, remembering that he was defeated twice already. However, they had red lines going through them. He then sees a figure next to him, its none other than Siegfried. He then states that Vortex took the Soul Edge from Nightmare, who also wants to kill him. They work together and defeat the Dark Cybermen. However, Vortex decides to use Soul Edge to power himself up, however, a bright red light flashed from it and formed Nightmare. He decides to help the 12th Doctor and Siegfried. During the battle, Soul Edge gets shattered. Vortex, taking advatange of the promblem, created a portal that took the pieces to different worlds, which is why all of this is happening. Siegfried decides to help the 12th Doctor, saying that there are some places that they need to be at.

When they all get to the Batcave, they decided they had to team up again to stop Vortex once again. However, they have to repair the main portal. They step into the portal and off they go!

When they land, they see themselves in a colorful landscape, the clouds have eyes,theres a castle, just a lot of stuff Batman hates. They see a huge creature standing infront of them, breathing fire onto them. It lets out a loud roar. Suddenly, two heroes appear, with letters on them, "M" on one, and "L" on the other. They each went into their fire forms and blasted the creature with fire. They were none other than: Mario and Luigi! However, the creature attacks, and the creature is none other than Bowser! They try to attack him but fail, as Vortex comes and takes Mario. At that point, Luigi and Bowser pull out Smash Balls, and they break them, causing a glow to be around them. Bowser transformed into Giga Bowser, and Luigi brought out his Poltergust 5000. After the battle, Luigi, having to save Mario for a 3rd time, decided to team up with the group. At this point, Peach got taken by Vortex also, so he has to help them also.

They went into the next portal, everything looked 8-bit. Batman said that it better not be Midway Arcade again! However, another green clad hero approched them. However, he was surprised because of Siegfried. Siegfried told them about this hero, and that his name is Link. Vortex appears shortly after, and wants to fight them. Using the power of Soul Edge, he summoned dark versions Mario, Link, and Bowser. They start fighting, defeating the dark clones. However, they defeated Bowser, allowing Vortex to take Bowser. Link found the Master Sword, allowing him to get stronger. Link took a swing at Vortex, which got him captured. However, he pulled out a Smash Ball and did the Triforce Slash. Vortex was defeated. Link however, was captured.

They went to the Kirby universe. However, Batman didnt like it because it was colorful, Wild Style, thought that Unikitty would have loved to see this. Kirby pops out and says hi to them. However, Batman pulled out a Batarang and tried to attack Kirby with it. However, Luigi stopped him from doing it. Vortex appears again with Dark Cybermen they beat them and Vortex takes the Kirby characters.

They went into another portal, sending them into the Metroid Universe. Luigi got scared, but he had to be strong, since Mario and the other Lego Minifigures were on the line. Samus appeared, greeting Luigi. They talk for a while, but Vortex still finds them. They fight for a bit, but Vortex summons Mother Brain. The gang have a huge fight with them, however, Vortex took Samus. Batman was angry, saying that Vortex took almost all the characters they come across. The next portal appears, sending them off.

They land in a peaceful looking village. Ness was outside, surprised to see Luigi. Vortex appears and brings Porky and Giygas to fight the characters. Ness pulls out a Smash Ball and also gives one to Luigi. Ness uses PK Starstorm and Luigi uses his Negative Zone. It did lots of damage to them, however, Lucas comes out and fights some of the Dark Cybermen. Ness gets captured, and Lucas joins the gang. Vortex wasn't done however, he uses Ness's PSI abilities and creates barriers around Batman, Wildstyle, Yoda, Gandalf, and the 12th Doctor. With only Lucas, Yoda, and Siegfried fighting Vortex. The battle was over, and the next portal appeared.

They were transported into a futuristic looking place. Robots were attacking everywhere, with Batman going towards them. Megaman shortly appeared, surprised by Siegfried, Luigi, and Lucas. Vortex appeared bringing in a lot of Robot Masters, such as Metalman and Gutsman. Two new heroes appear, one wearing a scarf and a sheild on his back, and the other... black. It was Protoman and Bass, and they all start fighting the Robot Masters. Megaman gains some of his iconic abilities, such as the Metal Blade. However, Vortex captures the new heroes. The next portal appears.

They appeared in a blocky place, saw two people punching trees, they were Steve? and Alex. They look at each other and see that they have the same blocky appearence as them. Batman asks how this is happening, but Alex types in the chat that this is Minecraft. However, Herobrine appears and attacks all of them, Herobrine is under the control of Vortex, and capture Alex and Steve?. The next portal appears.

They go into a version of Japan, and they meet Burai, Naoto Takizawa, and Mikoto Nakadai, who tells them that they entered the world of Super Sentai. Vortex appears and summons past Super Sentai villians, and the Gokaigers show up to help. They use their Ranger Keys to transform into past rangers, and the Toqgers also show up and the Gokaigers transform into Dairanger. Most of the Gokaiger and Toqger remain, with only Captain Marvelous and Right remaining. The rest... get captured. The next portal appears.

They enter another version of Japan, with Marvelous saying that it was the world of the Kamen Riders. Batman asked Marvelous what the card he had with him was, and he said that it was a Kamen Ride card. Decade then shows up and takes the card, but gets captured. Marvelous and Right transform and go into their final forms, which are Gokai Red Gold Mode and Hyper Toq Ichigo, and they fight the Cybermen, but Right gets captured