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Lego Gravity Falls


Background Edit

Gravity Falls was a show created by Disney in 2012.The series quickly became the most popular on the channel and was also put on hiatus 2 TIMES IN A YEAR!
It is about 2 12 year old twins named Dipper and Mabel who spend their summer in the mysterious Gravity Falls of Oregon.They stay with their Great-Uncle Stan at a tourist trap he owns called they Mystery Shack.
While in town they start to notice mysterious things.Then they meet Gideon Gleeful,a child "psychic",who falls in love with Mabel.When she turns him down,he blames it on Dipper.He has tried numerious times to destroy the Mystery Shack eventually leading to him summoning Bill Cipher to get the deed.Bill fails and Gideon blows up the safe instead.Gideon eventually gets arrested for almost destroying Gravity Falls and it is revealed that he is also a fraud.He then swears he will get revenge on the Pines family.
=====SPOILERS END=====
Coming January 2014

Minifigures Edit

Dipper PinesMabel PinesGideon GleefulWendy CorduroySoosStan PinesGrendaCandy ChiuWaddlesManly DanLazy SusanDeputy DurlandSheriff BlubsTyroneDipper ClonesPaper Jam DipperOld Man McGucketRobbieBill CipherPacifica NorthwestTylerToby DeterminedRobbieBlendin Blandin

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