Lego Minifigures Series 13
SAM 2129






Lego Minifigures Series 13 is a part of the Minifigure Theme with 16 minifigures all sealed in blind bags to be released in January/February 2015

Minifigure List

  1. P.O.W. (With a hat)
  2. Red Robot (With a laser gun)
  3. Himalayan Mountain Climber (With a walking stick)
  4. Golfer (With a inverse axe and a 1x1 round white stud)
  5. Ghost Suit Guy
  6. Police Chief (With a pistol and a pair of hand cuffs)
  7. Baseball Fan (With a flag)
  8. Space Hero (With 2 Star Wars laser pistols)
  9. Millionaire (With money)
  10. Blue Robot (With a ADU Laser Gun)
  11. Mr. Good and Evil Henchman (With a pistol and a sub-machine gun)
  12. Gangster Boss (With a Tommy gun and money)
  13. Deep Space Villain (With a gun [Similar to the Evil Mechs'])
  14. Wanted Criminal (With a wanted poster and a crowbar)
  15. One Eyed Alien (With a laser gun and a 1x1 printed brick for his head)
  16. Safari Hunter (With a rifle)




This is the only series to not include female minifigures, although the genders of the red robot, the blue robot, and the one eyed alien are not specified and could be considered as female.

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