Homer Simpson

.basic donut a rang puch
71005 1to1 homer-simpson
.astronut punches grapple
.work toxic waste bar

Bart Simpson

.basic punch slingshot
71005 1to1 bart-simpson
.ninja superjump slingshot
.bartman bart a rang grapple punch

Lisa Simpson

.basic terrible saxaphone playing
71005 1to1 lisa-simpson

Marge Simpson

.basic frying pan
71005 1to1 marge-simpson

Ned Flanders

.basic no spacial ablities
71005 1to1 ned-flanders

Mr. Burns

.basic toxic waste blaster
71005 1to1 mr-burns

Nelson Muntz

.basic punch
71005 1to1 nelson-muntz


.basic cane
71005 1to1 apu-nahasapeemapetilon


bart gets a f

enemies bullies boss nelson

bart the genreal

enemies bullies boss nelson

bart the murderer

enemies mobsters boss fat tony

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