Black Vengeance
Blacktron Robot



M.E.C.H. Helmet, M.E.C.H. Plate, Walkie Talkie, Lazer Blaster


User:King Kahuka


A Blacktron Robot also a Leutinent of Blacktron, he does not have emotion, and does not feel pain, he hates all who are against blacktron. He is only loyal to The Dark Lord of blacktron and his creator, Commander Oblivion. He is mostly known as Black Vengeance for his revenge on the Insectoids. He is stronger than Evil Mech and is alot more creative, challenging him could make the whole galaxy tremble before the knees of The Dark Lord!

That didn't come out right, LOL

I should just say Tremble Before The Dark Lord, cause that sounds like rench is bowing before the world. :/

Notes From The Creator

  • His armor was made by an unkown robot looking creature that blacktron calls M.E.C.H.
  • M.E.C.H. used his power to make Black Vengeance sentient.

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