Lord Garmadon

Ninjago (Not really)



Lord Garmadon is a custom set made in LEGO Digital Designer. It uses Hero Factory parts and regular LEGO bricks. It is a large build of Lord Garmadon, one of the main atagonists of Ninjago. It has 34 pieces.


Lord Garmadon, the dark lord of the underworld, has risen! But he has now mysteriously grown four arms! But even the dark lord wants to get rid of the Serpentine. Will he team up with the Ninjas or fight the Serpentine alone, or with the Skeleton army? Includes special edition samurai hat piece.


  • The purple belt is made of LEGO bricks.
  • The samurai hat piece is a new mold (if it was a real set).
  • The headpiece and torso pieces is printed with the same decals as the Lord Garmadon minifigure (if it was areal set).

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