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Lord Thorgon has an angry expression on his face, with a grey and white beard, and he wears a helmet that is thick and stout, mostly brown in color, but with gold markings, the same torso as Gimli, a heavily embroidered chestplate over his armor and brown legs with chain mail printing on them.


Note:Thorgon belongs to an ancient house of sorcerer lords, who are named after the current heir to the pure line of the House. For example, were Thorgon to die without an heir, his brother Throrgon would become the heir to the pure line and the House renamed House Throrgon, rather than House Thorgon.

Thorgon was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family of lords in the Sorcerer world. He went through the standard trials of initiation, and mastered Elementalism. He then chose to become a deep Elementalist, mastering fire. He inherited his tile at the age of 18, and led House Thorgon bravely through the War of the Sorcerers, and defended Castle Fortaim bravely. He then spoke on behalf of Vaurien and Mahrous' plan to use the powers they were given, and attack Dominus D Tenebris' fortress land. He was later promoted to the Supreme Council after the assassination of most of the High Elders.

Alternate Future

In the alternate future, where Dominus won the war, Thorgon was killed in the attack on Dominus' territory. His brother inherited his position, and the House was renamed House Throrgon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Initially, Thorgon trained as an Elementalist, but he later chose to become a deep Elementalist, and quested to find a master to teach him deep Elementalism of fire. He was very talented at his chosen discipline, but was rather unoriginal.

Over time, he mastered many weapons martial arts skills. He was very powerful and deadly, an equal match for Vaurien and Mahrous.

Gallery of VariantsEdit

Lord Thorgon