Lord V. Vesper Vampyre
Lord Vampyre custom (2)

Omega X.23

Lord V. Vesper Vampyre is a custom Monster Fighters villain created by Omega X.23


  • Version 1
The redesigned Lord Vampyre has a dark red coat and armor. He holds a improved Quanton 2.0 gun.
Lord Vampyre Omega

Version 1

  • Version 2
The second version of Lord Vampyre has a midnight blue coat and cloak. He holds a staff of power.
Lord V. 2

Version 2

  • Version 3
The third version of Lord Vampyre is dressed in black and holds a yellow sword and a jewel. He has a grinning expression.
Version 3

Version 3(left)


After eclipsing the sun, Lord Vampyre now plans to invade the Mortal Realm. In order to do that, he has to collect the power crystals to power the Midnight Clock, the portal into the Mortal Realm, situated in the Monster Fighters HQ.


  • He now drives in a sleek limo.


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