Macy Prefered Sigfig


Macy is a Brickipedian who is known as the sister of Saburo954. She mainly uses CUUSOO and plain awesomeness.


Macy is a user who lives with her brother and her family. She is a very annoying and "cra-cra" girl. She also happens to have a MEGA crush on Harry Styles. (even though she hates him now :P) On her first bar tending job in Hollywood, she serves Harry and the rest of 1D. She spills her rum and coke mixture on Harry, which causes him to change his shirt. He comes back with a really ugly shirt on, (in Macy's opinion) which causes Macy to hate Harry and start loving Louis.

Macy is also know to play soccer very well. She plays with her friends, Paige and Stephanie. (two made-up girls) She is goalie for her team. Her fame is similar in soccer to her brothers movie fame, for being in many news stories for her games. Macy is on a blue team.

Gallery of Variants

Macy Prefered Sigfig
Macy the bar tender
Original VariantBar Tender


  • Apparently Macy is one of the two females on the wiki, the other one being Soup.


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