Makuta Teridax
Makuta Teridax

Ninjago:The Unfolded Series,Bionicle:Brotherhood Of Makuta (Season 1)



Makuta Teridax is the main antagonist in the first and second season in Bionicle:Brotherhood Of Makuta


Teridax also known as Makuta, is the supreme leader of the Brotherhood Of Makuta. Makuta Mutran, Lehvak, Takadox, Four-Arms and Ghost Hunter work for him. Later he gets damaged, but Mutran fixes him, becoming Makuta Teridax (Variant 2). During the final battle he, Mutran and revived Carapar, Four-Arms, Ghost Hunter and Takadox merged, becoming Makuta Ultratus. He is then finished by The Golden Toa. Later in season 2 Makuta Icarax rebuilds and also revives him.

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta novel

This variant appears in chapters 1-12. More coming soon...


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