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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Mamba is a custom minifigure by MLG Neo-Futurist. He is a character from the Filthy Frank Show.


Mamba wears pants.


Mamba is Filthy Frank's neighbor. Originally, he hated Filthy Frank and tried to attack him with a knife. However, Frank gave him a rap album and they became great friends. After the incident, Mamba hangs out with Filthy Frank every once in a while to discuss rapping. Mamba was also the first to discover Pink Guy's true rapping abilities. One day, Mamba was listening to Filthy Frank freestyle. Pink Guy interrupted them and asked if he could join. After Mamba and Frank refused, Pink Guy sang an amazing rap song, which surprised both of them. Pink Guy became a rapper since.


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