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9963 Marendar is a BIONICLE: The Legend Continues set released in 2013. It contains the Marendar robot, one of the main villains of the 2013 story arc.


Marendar was created by the Great Beings shortly after they created the Toa species. Because the Toa were the first species to have been created that had elemental powers, the Great Beings were scared that if they turned evil and escaped from the Mata Nui robot, they would use their powers to enslave and/or kill the significantly weaker Agori. This is why Marendar was created.

Marendar is a robot programmed to activate when Toa are detected on Bara Magna. It has been dormant for hundreds of thousands of years, but activated when Tahu and Takanuva first set foot on the planet during Mata Nui's climatic battle with Makuta Teridax. The Great Being Angonce tried to stop it from escaping the Great Beings' fortress, but it was too late. Marendar is programmed to kill any Toa that it detects. It is made entirely of a material that is element-proof, and thus can only be damaged by physical attack.

Personality and Weapons

Marendar, being a robot, is passive in emotion, completely unable to show expression. It lives only to fulfill its mission: achieve the complete annihilation of the 'invading' Toa race. Despite being huge, it is surprisingly stealthy, able to hide in the huge shadows in the canyons of Bara Magna. It can also drill underground and make underground caverns if necessary, and one of its eyes is night-vision enabled. It is also quite fast, and uses its tactical systems to its advantage in combat.

Set Information

9963 Marendar was released in January 2013 alongside the other BIONICLE sets and contained 162 pieces.