Tons of Red Bricks, Small Pack, Grey Sword


King Kahuka

Marty, also known as MAR.T. is an old builder from the past of LEGO, he always likes to go on Brickipedia. He also loves to make Customs, but sometimes he accidently makes Red Links! He also always makes his creations out of Red Bricks, thanks to his pack, he can have unlimited Red Bricks! If someone stole that pack, they could build whatever they wanted. Marty comes armed though, with a Dark Grey Sword. Marty is also an Ancient Builder. Though, he was not awoken by the Spider boss, he was awoken by Brickipedia!

Notes From The Creator

  • He's a million years older than the Mythrans.
  • He doesn't know who the Darkitect is.
  • He loves the color Red.
  • He always goes on Brickipedia, no matter what.
  • His sword isn't Red.
  • I like this character, it feels classic.

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