Crown Princess of the High Entia







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"'Feel Darkness blacker than midnight!'"
―Melia putting an enemy to sleep with Hypnosis

Melia Antiqua is the daughter of the High Entia Emperor Sorean Antiqua and his second consort. Imperial tradition states that the emperor take two consorts; one a High Entia, and the other a Homs. Melia, daughter of the Homs second consort, is of mixed High Entia and Homs heritage.

Melia is partial to polite and formal behaviour, though does not seem to mind Riki calling her "Melly". She also has a secret crush on Shulk, something she admits only to Sharla (although Fiora implies that she figured it out on her own when she tells her to take care of Shulk if anything were to happen to her).

Although physically unimposing, Melia is a powerful mage able to control Ether with ease. She specializes in long range combat, inflicting damage through status effects and inflicting debuffs.

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