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Meta Morph Asis is a supporting protagonist in the atomist. She is a sorcerer with the ability to change her appearance.


Standard Meta Morph Asis is a standard minifigure, with unprinted light blue legs. Her torso is the same as Padme Amidala's latest variant, with a belt on the bottom and a red jewel. On her right hand she wears a claw brace, from the Prince of Persia theme. Her face has thick red lips, 2 deep red eyes with makeup around them to look more mysterious. Her hair is bright, bright red and flops from right to left, while there is a pony tail at the back.

Disguise Variants In her disguises, Meta has the clothing, printing, hair and face of the character she is imitating, but with her face printed on the back side of the head.


Meta Morph Asis was born in the mortal world, under the name of ******* ******. She was born in the city of ******, and her magical potential was discovered by Seba NightFlyer. He took her to the sorcerer world, where he taught her magic. She initially wanted to be a Flyer, like Seba, but chose the discipline of Metamorphosing instead.

She was much younger than Vaurien when they met, but despite that, she had romantic feeling for him. Vaurien did not reciprocate, and Meta became angry with him. a few decades later, she returned, trying to prove that she was mature - by returning with a boyfriend in an attempt to make Vaurien jealous. He simply said that they would never be more than friends.

Eventually, a good deal into the war, she was contacted by Vaurien and told to meet with his friends. They all gathered(herself, Vaurien, Mahrous, Golfindrel, Scars and Seba) to discuss the scroll Mahrous had found. She pledged herself to the plan, and journeyed as far as the Sacred Forest of Celebraria. At that point, to allow the others through the ranks of Tomb-Wights,she and Scars stayed back to distract and hold off the enemy.

After the Sorcerer war ended, she eventually became friends with Mahrous. She fought in the Battle of Norloch, and was a member of the Quest of the Reapress.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Meta Morph Asis was a powerful sorcerer, with the ability to change her body, face, hair and gender to match those of someone she is imitating. Her imitations are not as effective if they are based on appearance alone, to create the perfect guise she needs some hair or blood from the original, which is why some of her imitations are more accurate that others. Fighting wise, although Meta is skilled with her claw brace, she is not as skilled as the others with weapons and martial arts.

Gallery of VariantsEdit

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