Meta Morph Asis V.S Reaper
Meta V.S Reaper1

Meta Morph Asis, Reaper


The Atomist


Stone Warrior

Meta Morph Asis V.S Reaper is a small Battle Builders set from the atomist


This set is very small, with 2 minifigures(A grounded reaper and Meta Morph Asis). The other part of the set is a gold and brown rack of heads and wigs to represent Meta's shapeshifting ability. The rack is mostly brown, but with gold decorations and has 3 parts - a central area(1x6 stud) and 2 other shelves angle dout from it, also 1x6 studs. On the racks are a number of heads. They include Scar's head, Mahrous' head and hair, Seba NightFlyer's head and hair as well as 2 blank mannequin heads with hair pieces on them. This allows you to simulate her shapeshifting ability.


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