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9971 Metus is a BIONICLE: The Legend Continues set. It contains Metus, the traitorous Ice Agori turned rabbling outcast.


Metus is an Ice Agori, and is native to Bara Magna. He was a member of the Ice Tribe until he betrayed all of Bara Magna, including his own tribe, to the Rock Tribe. When Mata Nui realised this, he transformed Metus into a snake. Later he developed the Dreaming Plague, and found the last two beings who survived it: Sahmad and Telluris. The three were later dragged underground by a tentacle and they witnessed the fight between the Gold-Skinned Being and Annona. Telluris was killed in the crossfire but Sahmad and Metus escaped. Metus later tried to steal the dormant Mask of Life from Tahu's hut, but it cursed him, transforming his natural body and driving him insane. Tahu later hid the Ignika in a safer place to avoid it being found again.

Personality and Weapons

Metus' mind is considered broken, as almost nothing he says after the encounter with the Ignika makes sense. As a result of his transformation he has two blades growing out of his arms, which he uses to fight with. Despite his irrationality, he still remembers the Toa and Agori and considers them his enemies.

Set Information

9971 Metus was released in January 2013 alongside the other small sets and contained 22 pieces.