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A Nighttime spy and intrusion expert, Mike Phlox has been doing this for ten years, and is a master at what he does.


Mike Phlox specializes in stealth and is and expert in operations where an area must be intruded without notice, or when he is needed to spy on villains plotting against the Hero Factory. Phlox's helmet and shoulder antenna has a direct link to Hero Factory, and the microphone on his helmet is extra powerful, so that the people at Hero Factory can hear what the villains are talking about and what their plans are. Mike Phlox's armor is also made to dampen sound around him. The small spikes on his upper legs absorb all vibrations created by sound and is used to charge up his Energy Blade. When Phlox strikes something with his blade, all that vibration energy is transferred to the object he struck, and cause the object to shake violently, effectively knocking out the villain. And that is when the blade's setting is on low. When on high, the object will literally shake and fling itself to pieces, which would ultimately kill the villain. However, this setting is almost never used, especially not on living or intelligent organisms.

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Just a quick, simple, fun build. All the parts used on this custom are either black, white, or trans green. No exceptions.