Minecraft Desert Micro-World
Minecraft Desert Micro-World 1



Minecraft Micro-Worlds


Creeper S

Minecraft Desert Micro-World is a custom set made by Creeper S. The set is based off the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. It ressembles the Desert Biome found in the game.

The set features a sandy area with a few cacti. There is small source of water by the sand dune. Under the surface is a small cave system. In there redstone, coal and water can be found. The set includes Steve and a Zombie Micromob. It also includes many spare pieces, which includes sand, wood, stone, redstone and coal.


Minecraft Desert Micro-World 2

Steve and the Zombie in the set.

Minecraft Desert Micro-World 3

Steve and Zombie Micromobs.


  • Although the Steve Micromob has face details, the Zombie currently doesn't have any.
  • The set includes some spare pieces of wood, yet there aren't any trees in the set.

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