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Monster Fighters
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Monster Fighters



Monster Fighters is CzechMate's Monster Fighters customs, revolving mostly on new monsters and their moonstones, and three major villains; Lord Vampyre, Pharaoh Manaytra, and the Voodoo Doctor.


Story Wave 1 Pharaoh Patra's death after a cruel confrontation at The X Peremeter has outraged his employer, and boss, The Voodoo Doctor. His army of undead minions, witches, evil mermaids, trolls, Minotaurs and Manbats are raging towards keeping the diamonds away from the Monster Fighters, and unlocking the Pyramids, something Patra couldn't do. The Voodoo Doctor's pace, tactical mind and powers will be a heavy match for The Monster Fighters, and a big target.

Story Wave 2 The Voodoo Doctor continues to throw trouble at the Monster Fighters, and plans to reawaken Lord Vampyre to help him, and use his hideous manbats. The Voodoo Doctor's lair may have been shut down, but that won't stop this villainous monster.

Wave 3

† = Redo, and will be made like other sets in this wave

Wave 4

This wave will feature Studios remakes, such as Vampire Crypt, and The Pharoah.