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Monster Fighters

Monster Fighters II is a theme introduced in 2015.


Unlike the first one, the sets are very different. Some feature a lair/vehicle of some sort for a monster with a moonstone somewhere in it or a vehicle for the Monster Fighters. There is no particular color scheme for the theme, although grey and black pieces are featured prominently in many sets and most contain at least one glow-in-the-dark part. Though each set does include a color scheme to match either the monster or its background.


Lord Vampyre, a powerful vampire, was destroyed by the powers of Frank Rock, Major Quinton Steele, Ann Lee and Jack McHammer, but when almost 30 years later an archaeological dig happend, and an evil spirit Made its way out and Possessed a scientist named Dr. Kilroy. Now, it tries to collect the moonstones like Lord Vampyre, but wants to use them for a more, dark, evil purpose...




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