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Abnir Krill, also known as Mr. Polka-Dot or The Polka-Dot Man (or Mr. Polka-Dot Man as I call him) is a minor enemy of Batman. He encountered Batman and Robin with gimic that involved polka-dots which he would rip off of his costume and would transform into various gadgets, like flying saucers.

When Mr. Polka-Dot Man returned years later, he was too poor to pay for his gadget making polka-dots. He instead used a baseball bat as a weapon to commit his crimes. The baseball bat has been used against him on different occasions. Probably most notably would be when Harvey Bullock, who had become tired of seeing costumed villains in the city, took the bat and beat Mr. Polka Dot with it.

Designer's Notes

  • I created Mr. Polka-Dot man because I find him laughing bad


Decals for use. All I ask is that you credit me as the creator. Also, they need to be resized, Eurobricks has a tutorial on how to.

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