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Myosostis Shard is one of the three generals of Dominus D Tenebris, and an antagonist in the atomist

Description Edit

Myosotis Shardhas the same torso and legs as the Stone Swordsman, with samurai armor printing, but with a skulkin armor plate covering it. His head has determined expression, and his hair is short and black.

Background Edit

Myosotis Shard was born and bred in the city of Avaunch. He grew up as Transmuter, specializing in transmuting objects from one state of matter to another, later he learned the Kineticsm, and became a friend and colleague of Vaurien Serpentongue, until their differences of opinion and the War came between them. Despite this, during the final battle of the war, Vaurien was reluctant to kill Myosotis, and vice versa. In the end, Isabelle Bones killed him. He was remembered for both his part in the war and his scholarly achievements, especially in the area of Technomagical Engineering.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mysostis Shard was a transmuter, and was very good at changing the state of objects, and would often deflect enemy attacks by transforming their weapons into gas, or attack by hurling rocks and turning them into plasma. He was also telekinetic, and had a good degree of skill in moving objects with his mind.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Myosotis Shard